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December 2016

Week leading up to Christmas

Week Three

sunny 29 °C

As I sit here listening to the lapping of the waves and seeing fishing boats going by I can't help but feel fortunate to be so calm and relaxed here in Chicxulub.

This week has been a busy one leading up to Christmas as I am sure it has been for all.

Liam arrived in Los Cabos after a long technical delay in Newark. He will spend Christmas with his grandparents alone for the first time. It will be special time for him.


We started off the week attending a posada in Chicxulub. We hadn't been to one since we lived in Mexico City with Brendan 30 some odd years ago! Not sure why we never attended one in Los Cabos! It was very different from the one we had attended before and we were confused as to the meaning of the red skirts and the scarves on the head. The boys were wearing floor cloth ponchos. There were others with Christmas hats and red scarves. We had plenty of lovely angels of all sizes. It started with mass followed by the procession around the village looking for a place to stay! It ended it with a party at the D'Mar centre where we always have the Muelle Market! Here there was a lovely stable set up for Mary and Joseph. There were gifts for all the children. The handing out of gifts followed a little choir singing (now I know why the red scarves). Awaiting the tedious handing out of gifts using a raffle style took a tole on us and we didnt' stay for what was to happen next with the dancing by the ladies in red skirts and scarves on their heads. The other tradition that we didn't get to see was the piñata breaking by the children. I'm sure that would have been chaotic but fun.


I went back to Merida for a nice visit with my friendly dentist Peniche whom informed me that i did not need an implant just yet. It is great to have a dentist not in a hurry to do procedures. Walked around Centro and the Plaza Grande enjoying the day!


Muelle market: This was the busiest Christmas market since the start of this market. It must be that this place really is getting more popular and the marketing of the event is working. I was able to sell all my gnomes and all but one kitchen set! I do know of someone who will likely buy the one left as it is their favourite colour! (Sheila, yes I am talking about you!) I also sold my sample sun hat and have orders for three more. I shall have to get busy making more of the kitchen towel sets. I am really doing well this year. I will have my three families taken care of in no time! There will be plenty left to help the Chicxulub Foodbank with all sorts of other activities.


We found out that it was our Cuidador Marie's 46th birthday and that her husband had arranged for a serenade to happen at 11pm. We invited them to celebrate on our patio where there was plenty of room. The daughter and daughter in law arrived with the pizza etc and set them up ahead of time. All this was a surprise so we had to be careful. It all went very well and she was awoken from her slumber after a few songs. He then joined us for the feast! Dara and I are fluent in Spanish but have a difficult time understanding them as they eat their words when they speak. We are constantly asking them to repeat themselves but we are getting better every day. This was exaggerated by the music being played as we chatted.


Christmas Eve: We planned a cocktail party with a few friends I prepared all sorts of things with some failures; brownies were burnt and fudge never really set! I then forgot to put them out for everyone in the end. Except we had a second party planned with our caretakers and their family were invited to come by to receive their presents. I thought that they had decided not to come as my understanding was they were going to her mothers home. It turned out they went briefly there and came right here. They were all dressed up and looking like they were ready for a party! By this time I had put away all the left over food. This really did work out best as I then came out with the food presented in a way that it no longer looked like left overs and had the chance to also present the deserts. They devoured most of what was on offer! It was a delightful time and it was a nice way to end Christmas Eve. I got the feeling they were here to party late but we were too tired to stay up past 10pm. As it turns out we should have partied all night as our neighbours certainly did and so we didn't have a good night sleep. Well they did stop around 5:45!!


Christmas Day: The morning started off with our usual Sunday breakfast of bacon and eggs. We then started calling and texting around to our kids when it dawned on me that there was a new feature on Facebook messenger that allowed for a group video chat. We then planned on us all joining in. I unfortunately didn't get in touch with David in time to participate. This was so amazing: Greg in Malindi, Kenya; Liam and my parents in Los Cabos; Brendan at home in his new condo in Ottawa; Sheena at Adam's family home in Stittsville; and last but not least us on the beach in Chicxulub! It really made my day! I had been feeling really sad not being with family up to that point and this made up for it all! We ventured into Merida to an open house we had been invited to. But before heading over I thought it might be nice to show Dara the nativity scene in the Plaza Grande! To our surprise there was the Sunday market happening as well. The vendors were a bit sparse but still I did see some of my friends.


To end the wonderful Christmas day we headed to Faces for our Christmas dinner, not before taking a well needed nap ( I rarely take a nap but when you've had a sleepless night it is necessary). What a wonderful meal and entertainment from the local. Walking to the corner to catch the bus home we stumbled upon a lovely decorated house on calle 23 we stopped and chatted with the lovely family including the 95 year old grandma! We complemented them on the decorations which combine the Mexican nativity scene with a Dickensville.


All day when I'd seen a small child on the bus I handed real maple candies to them. Luckily I had two left on our last combi-bus home.

Boxing Day was to be a quiet do nothing day with a visit from Lorraine in the morning. She came for toast and fig jam i had given Dara for Christmas. It was delicious. No way can we make it through this whole jar!


I had texted with Erika a few days ago about getting together today but hadn't firmed up anything. Well with one small text and they were out here within two hours where we met her delightful little baby Santiago or Santi for short! They joined us for dinner and brought a wonderful "Tres Leches desert". it was so nice to catch up with them and their plans. Unfortunately Erika was unable to get posted to Merida airport as an air traffic controller so they are having to move back to Los Cabos for a few years. They are ok with that as long as they get to return in a few years when it is time for Santi to start school.


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Week two

The week before Christmas

sunny 29 °C

Week Two in Yucatan


I said when i landed in Merida that it felt like I was home and that continues to be so. There are two places other than Canada where I feel at home that is Mexico and France.
I connect with the people in both places as well. Very different cultures but both so much part of my life!

View from the beach looking in!

Walking towards our home on calle 54

It is hard to believe that a wash cut; a pedicure and waxing my eyebrows upper lip; only cost me 20$. It is worth going weekly just to get your colour varnish changed as the pedicure alone is only 6$. The next on my list is a massage. I think I will have one weekly this trip. So I am behind on that one!

I woke up early today and thought I would go for a nice walk on the beach and a swim in the ocean but once Dara awoke and headed to the shower all my thoughts of what I wanted to do disappeared and I found myself in the shower and then it came to me what I really wanted to do. Ah well a walk along the beach can still happen and it did! I really enjoyed the supper low tide giving us the extra beach to walk along. Dara accompanied me without putting his big toe in the water! The quiet and peacefulness of the morning was such a delight! Went as far as the Hum's place and back which is just over 2K. It was warming up quickly. I think I should do this every morning before my breakfast! Get walking before spending time on the internet. I must try and do this early as once 9am hits it is too hot for a walk along the beach.

The seaweed was incredible. Yet a few days later it is all gone!

Here are the finds along the beach! Who knew red peppers grew in the sand!
It took me awhile to get the heron to fly off he kept running away! Can't seem to upload videos. My one minute videos are too large! Hello get wit the program!

It isn't just the expat community we spend time with it is also some locals. That's what I look for here.

High Tea in Merida: Every month someone hosts the International Woman's club in their home; from 5pm to 7pm.

The house beside the big one was where we were!

The December one includes the spouses. It was to be held at the publish author Joanna Gracht ( https://writingfrommerida.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/los-alebrijes-a-new-restaurant-in-merida/) but it had to move to her daughter in laws home Jeanette De Rosado. It really was nice to see some familiar faces and a few new ones.

Our friend Valerie Pickles was in attendance and informed us of her good news (for her not the rest of us) that she had sold her lovely bed and breakfast spot ( http://www.thepickledonionyucatan.com/) We loved going there in Santa Elena whenever we or our guests went to visit Uxmal. She will have a huge adjustment to make not having that to occupy her time. She has purchased a beach house in Celestun and hopes to rent a small place in Merida so that she can take advantage of the cultural life it offers.

The other big thing that happened as a result of attending this lovely evening I received an order for one of my sun hats and a bag made by the lovely Coop ladies of Chixculub; only to have that order increased to 15 pieces the following day!

My friend that ordered the bags

I couldn't wait to tell Carmita the news as soon as I got to the foodbank. This month for the first time I had the honour of checking each family in. It wasn't as easy as it sounds. I had to try and remember those families who were missing at the Xmas party so as to give them their hamper and tell the four families that they no longer qualify to receive assistance. I didn't catch them all. It is so humbling to provide food to the really needy families.

Next on our list this week was The Barlovento Children's Christmas party for the "special needs" kids of the area. The school they attend has 180 kids and this year for the first time the area restaurants have decided to share in the hosting of a party. 20 kids are chosen for each location and donations come in for the kids from the community. Seeing the excited faces as Santa's helpers handed out their gifts. For many of these kids this is all they will get! One family we saw were also at the event we attended in Chicxulub last week.


Followed by being invited into Carmita's family home for a beautiful Veracruz fish dinner. Silly me forgot to bring a phone for pictures. (So did Dara).

For those who aren't familiar with this dish, It closely resembled this photo.

We were accompanied by a few other Canadians: Sharon and Kaye; a couple from Kamloops Linda and Larry (aka Lord and Lady Kamloops as David has christened them). It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. They had set up tables in there front terrace where Carmita, her husband Milo and one of her daughters Mali sat with us speaking Spanish and English. The other daughter had to take care of her little one. It was so nice to spend time with locals, especially this very giving family.

For a desert the daughter had made a lemon pie with raspberry coulis. It was almost like a key lime pie but not quite. Apparently they make pies and sell them so I know where we will be going to buy our next desert! (We have our caretakers birthday happening this Thursday so I think we'll get her something there).

It is a shame that all attending aren't fluent in Spanish so we were back in forth with the languages. Carmita has come along way but needs lessons. Dara hopes to get her here for that soon.

With the drop in oil prices there have been so many people affected by it here in Mexico. This family is one of them. Her husband, Milo had to take a 35% cut in an already low salary. How can they make ends meet? The sale of 15 bags will certainly help. Let's hope for a big sale at the Muelle market on Thursday.

We ventured into Progreso to find lights and a few things for our boxwood tree. I couldn't believe how much it had been picked over since the sale started on Saturday. I got 4 meters of lovely cotton for 3$. Yes you read that right. I tried to find a circular piece for my round table. No luck. It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas!

When I travel I alway take the three Inuit decorations I have representing my three kids. I've had them for over 20 years. I also brought along my new yearly Swarovski snowflake and the lovely hand made crossstitch 'partridge in a pear tree ', by Lauren, that Dara had on his wish list!

Look how small our 'tree' is. It is a boxwood and will keep it going for awhile!

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Return to the Yucatan 2016/17

Week One arrival direct to Merida!

sunny 29 °C

Week one in Yucatan

We are here on another adventure in the Yucatan. I really am disliking snow more and more so coming here for an additional month sounded like heaven to me. I am also only 6 hrs trip away from my parents.

Our trip started with a flight the day before to Toronto and a visit with Adam and Sheena over dinner at Montana's restaurant. Quality Inn might be cheap and not far from the airport but they took an hour to pick us up in their shuttle. Next time we'll take a cab!

Arriving so quickly in Merida is such a nice change. thank you Westjet for adding flights to Merida directly from Toronto. My first comment to Dara was " I feel like we are home". Our trusty driver Carlos was there for us as always. He took us through the back roads never travelled in Merida to get to Costco where we loaded up with essentials for our 4 months.

Our first morning view

We arrived early enough, for the first time, to help the Chicxulub Food bank with their Christmas hampers for the needy families. It was a very well coordinated process that Sharon has mastered over the years. Lorraine and I were comfortably sitting at a table making sure all 53 families bags were properly labeled and no family got forgotten. With such a large group present the whole process only took one hour! This meant I didn't have to sneak off to my dentist appointment as we were done in plenty of time for me to get to Merida.

The dentists office

I am so glad that I had reserved tickets to a wonderful night of chamber music in the exquisite Hacienda Xcanatun only 27min drive away. Our friend Jackie joined us for the evening of dinning and music and we were taken there by our reliable driver Carlos.
Here in this beautiful location to hear music. Played by the Chamber Music Merida.: Jacque Ibert, Sir Arnold Bax, Claude Debussy and Eduardo Angulo. I didn't enjoy the second piece as much as the others. We shall be back for the next concert on Jan 12. Bought the tickets already!


A walk into Chicxulub along the beach is mandatory for breakfast in the market, of Panuchos, and fresh orange/carrot juice in town. The walk wasn't as easy as much of the beach has eroded away.

The beach disappearing

Panuchos and juice


Friday is Euchre day and there were almost 4 tables we were short one person to make the 4th. I never play this game anywhere else but do enjoy it

On Sunday after a heavy downpour we managed to climb over some walls to get out on our street. I forgot to take a photo! Silly me! We headed into Chicxulub for the children's Christmas party. The location has changed for the Food-bank distribution and it is nice not for them to have to line up in the sun! At the party the families pick up their 'hampers' (plastic bags), and the children under 10 get a gift from Santa. Dara was almost asked to be the jolly old st nick but was he ever glad not to have to sit in that costume in this heat.

Wouldn't want to be dressed like this in 30C heat!

Santas helpers

See no evil..........
I was too busy with checking off the names to get any more photos. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the party. There is no music and no nibbles. "Times are tough in these here waters". This would be my suggestion for next year. They allow any kids to come and sit on Santa's knee and come by for a gift, which I thought was a lovely thing. On the 15th they will return to this same location for their monthly food bags. After this was done at noon most of the group headed to Capitan Flores for lunch but with it being Sunday and our favourite restaurant is only open on weekends we opted to got to the Patrullero! I love the fried fish there and their coconut shrimp. It was hard to choose but I went for the fish.


We tried out one of the new Restaurants in Progreso; La Antigua, with our friend Linda. So since I had chosen the fish yesterday i opted for the coconut shrimp. It was beautifully presented and very good sitting on a bed of mango purée. I still like the other place best. Worth trying to see if it was also as good.

Half way when I realized I hadn't taken a photo!

Walking along the Melcon in Progreso is always such a calm relaxing place. With the addition of a lovely sign at one end


Today is cruise ship day and it seems that there are two of them. So it will be busy in town. I might have avoided it but it is the only day that the artisan market is open so I might go in and check out the new one that just opened at the beginning of December

Two cruise ships today

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