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January 2018

Another month has flown by

Jorge and Lesley’s Wedding in Mexico City

semi-overcast 24 °C

The arrival of many more friends has added to our delight of being here in Progreso area. Once the phone theft and the ID cards got sorted we were able to get back to normal. Our friend Rainer’s and Catherine returned after two years in Costa Rica and are delighted with their little casita! Only two blocks away means they will be frequent visitors to our pool and beach once the weather warms up enough to swim.

Walking around Progreso you always discover new things when you venture off the usual route


I always get so much joy helping out the families in Chicxulub at the monthly Foodbank distribution of the food to 46 families. Just a small gesture on our part to this little town.


Our good friend Ian celebrated his 80th birthday at the end of December without too much fanfair as he had hurt his knee after the Grey Cup game. So we had a lovely celebration here to mark this momentous occasion. He is in great health and continues to delight in coming here for 20 or so years. Missed of course were the Wheelers who were back home in Burlington but we FaceTimed them to include them in our festivities.. Various meats were cooked on the little Miss Piggy and she never fails to delight us with her cuteness.


The highlight of this month has to be the trip to Mexico City to join in the celebration of marriage of Jorge and Lesley in the church with Jorge’s parents Jorge Sn and Martha; family and friends. There were about 12 that came from Canada to celebrate with them; this included of course Wayne and Pamela Somers ( Lesleys parents) They were the most gracious hosts one could imagine and it was wonderful for Jorge, Lesley and little Michael. This was our first Mexican wedding and thoroughly enjoyed!

We left Merida midday to get to CDMX in time for the dinner the Paras family was hosting. It happened to be at a Yucatecan Restaurant with the same name as the one in Merida; Los Almendros; (which happens to be the first authentic restaurant Alexis and I tried on our first trip to Merida). The food was good and the company fantastic. I was surprised at how many of Lesley’s family had come to be here. The mariachis were a delight as some may have watched in my post on FB.


We had chosen our favourite neighbourhood Condesa to stay in an Airbnb and were not disappointed with our choice.

After walking around our lovely area enjoying the wide boulevards, Andy and Alexis stayed back at the flat


We stumbled upon this lovely church in our neighbourhood


while Dara and I joined our old friends Elsa and Mario for lunch a La Trattoria Palacio in Platón in Col. Polanco. It is always such a lovely time with these two. Knowing them for so long has made for a lifetime friendship!

The highlight of this day though had to be the dinner hosted by the Somers family at the stunning Hacienda de los Morales also found in Polanco. To think this was once a home to a very wealthy family. The pictures do not do it justice. The meal was superb 5 course dinner. I love the way the soups are always served from a terrine with the dry ingredients in the bowls.


Wedding Day in Tecamachalco! With it being at noon meant there was no time for any markets in the morning as we too had to get ready! The church was filled with family and friends of which some were dressed to the nines! Glad to have a shawl to keep warm as it was freezing in there!


Dressed up for the wedding was fun! Check out Dara’s new shoes!

From the church we headed to a lovely reception in Polanco. This area has the highest concentration of wealth in Mexico I think!
The reception meal was again very very good. I think the pictures tell it all


The following day was another busy day! We walked to the Zona Rosa to the antiques area only to realize the big market is on Saturday so off to the Lagunilla Market we went after wandering along Paseo de la Reforma which Was closed for bikes for the day. What a difference seeing this usually busy road full of people enjoying the freedom to bike roller blade or just walk along the sidewalk as we did. At first glance we were quite disappointed at Lagunilla as we had been dropped at the building where it had nothing but baptismal, quinseniera and wedding dresses. This certainly was not what we were looking for and just as we were about to give up on our morning we came upon the street that was closed off and filled with four rows of stalls filled with such wonderful things. It went on and on and after an hour of walking to the end we only managed to get two rows done in a bit of a rush. I found some lovely amber! Like i needed more of this stuff. It was calling to me. Yes i need to feel the item reaching out for me to buy it.
Andy found a lovely Indonesian shirt!

Then we went our separate ways! The boys joined our friend Alfredo for the Bull fight and Alexis and I went over to the Paras home for lovely Tacos in their back yard! It was sunny and wam and a delight sharing a table with Jorge’s aunts! His mother is one of six sisters.


Here are two photos provided by Dara from the bullfight!

Our last day in Mexico City was spent walking around the neighbourhood before we joined Alfredo for lunch at the Club Industriales in Polanco. Dara had worked with him over the past 35 years.

An old aqua duct still standing in the centre of the city!

The Cathedral is spectacular. Lots of photos to share with you


It has been a cool and windy month here if the Yucatan but that invites more visits to Merida as it is much cooler than it can be the rest of the year. Sleeping has been easier with the cooler nights and quite enjoyable. This is the longest time I have slept with a blanket here in the 7 seasons of winter here! Not complaining mind you as I know how it has been worse up North. Looking forward to warmer climes next month.

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