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Week 18

First week in Los Cabos with my parents

sunny 35 °C

Departing early for the airport is never an easy way to start ones day and as it turned out the reason I had to do this was Janet's flight was earlier than mine but in the end her flight never even left Merida they had some technical difficulties and didn't leave at all. In the haste I ended up forgetting a few items in the fridge that I wanted to share with my mother but so be it nothing can be done. I hope the caretakers enjoyed them!

My flights were all on time and I arrived without any issues. My mother was there ready to take me to see my father at his new home as it was on route from the airport. The house is quite nice but seeing my father in the lazy boy chair asleep I was taken aback! He was so delighted to see me as he wasn't told that I was coming. After a few hours we went home to find my mothers house guest Paula there ready with a cup of tea. There had been a mix up when she booked her flights and her stay at her brother's condo. They had double booked and so the last few days when there was an overlap she needed to stay somewhere. My mother being my mother as always came to her rescue. She is a delightful lady from Richmond BC and we quickly became friends in the two days we were here together.


I went on my own to see my father and talk to him about the finances. All is good and he really felt a bit better understanding everything. I started to look at him and wonder why he was in this home. I see how my mother feels wanting to bring him home. I will work on that in the next few days; but as time goes on I am not sure this really is the best solution for the moment. With Liam planning to come down in June so that my mother can take a break and go to Victoria, I am now of the opinion that she should at least wait until she returns to even consider it. He is well taken care of there and she is now able to go where she wants when she wants. I am not sure that is a good freedom to be giving up.


With alternating days with visits to see my dad, I think has made it less stressful for my mom. I have managed to get him outside for a short time enjoying the weather. Not nice being cooped up in a small room all day! He tells me all his needs are met here and he is happy. He also informed me that Mom doesn't need to go there to see him everyday! I am surprised at how well he is doing.

I went to a new shopping centre called Merkado! And was in shock when I saw prices for a little cardigan at 450$US. Not my kind of prices!
There are food stalls similar to Mercado 60 in Merida but again with much higher prices. They are catering to the Californians with buckets of money! It really is a different world here


As you can read I am of conflicting opinions. It is hard to know what is best for them. My mother is stressed with the drive to see him everyday but has the ability to go out and see people on a whim without having to worry about his care.

As more people leave here in the complex the quieter it will be and fewer people to talk to so that will create a new stress for my mother. If there was a way to see the positive of the peace and quiet and time for herself wouldn't that be nice!

The neighbours invited us to have dinner with them along with two other ladies that winter here; it was Tris last night here before she heads home to BC. Not taking photos of food as I have reached my end of stay and enough already!!
But I could have taken photos of the people. These are the people that always watch out for my mom and dad!


Stay tuned for my last week to come after I return home to Ottawa. I hope all the snow is gone and maybe even some flowers showing their pretty little heads!

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Tu as l'air tellement bien sur ta photo avec ton père et ta mère est toujours aussi belle. Je suis contente que tout se passe relativement très bien pour toi comme pour eux, même s'il y a quelques mots que j'aurais dû chercher dans le dictionnaire.
Je t'embrasse. Louisette

by Louisette

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