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Week 16

My cousin Janet arrived this week.

sunny 32 °C


Well I didn't keep to tradition and take Janet into Chicxulub for a panuchos breakfast (she went on her own the next day); instead we joined the neighbours for one of the monthly Naval breakfast fundraisers. It was as always a lovely meal with the ladies. Every month they serve a meal from a different state in Mexico and this time it was Sinaloa. They are known for their beef but unfortunately they cooked it to death and it was not palatable for me. The potatoes and veggies were fine and so were the green and red tacos. The juice was a delightful green colour made with cucumber and mint. We certainly had several refills of that. The coffee was not something I would repeat.


It has been windy for the past three weeks making it not as pleasant to swim in the ocean but I got Louisette to hurry her morning and went in early before the wind picked up. With our cool nights the water has cooled off quite a bit from what it was when my February guests were here.

Our last Xcanatun concert was a real delight. A group of us went early to get a tour of the place with the hopes of getting to see a room or too; but I still haven't managed to see one yet! The grounds are still beautiful and worth the time.


the meal was as good as ever!

It is always hard to say goodbye to friends leaving but you especially ones you really care about fortunately some live close enough to see them even back home such as Lorraine and Austin. Before heading to the last euchre of the season I joined Lorraine and Linda for a brunch a Pkor restautrant that I had not managed to get to this season! I got my first alone play and won today!! Woopie!!!

Janet was busy all day with her friend Karen from Belize. Who came all this way by bus for two nights. As we wind down our stay here this also means using up the food you still have in the freezer. We managed to get the BBQ started but we didn't put enough coals on it to bring it high enough to reach the grill so it just meant that it took a little longer to cook our sausages. Who is in a hurry here especially with my famous margaritas flowing nicely!

My last IWC (International Woman's Club of Merida) meeting of the season went well and really feeling part of this ladies group. I don't feel like a newcomer any longer and get greeted by so many who now know me. Hearing about the various viruses caused by mosquitos here was a bit unnerving. The speaker this month was Doctor Pablo RIbas Wedge who specializes in the treatments of mosquito born diseases such as Dengue I and II; along with Chikungunya and last but not least Zika, who would want to be bitten by a mosquito of any kind. They really don't stop long enough for you to identify if they have black and white stripes on their legs. Let's just eliminate them all and be done with it!

Hearing of another scholarship student about to graduate is exciting for us; 75% of the dues collected annually goes to their scholarships. It is a wonderful feeling to know we have helped a young lady in her career choice without a financial burden. This summer we will be in search of a new young lady recipient. They have to have completed one year of University and have a grade point average of 80% or higher. The committee meets with the candidates and their families to be sure there is also a family commitment.
This was followed by a trip with Jackie to fabric stores of all places! Did I get more? Of course I did and I am so pleased with my find at this new shop with such beautiful Italian linen; royal blue was what I needed to go with my silk top. I love being in the market area of Merida where the life of the city is vibrant and exciting. The crowds do not bother me is the slightest. The locals are going about their Saturday shopping for their families; it is the heart of any city.


Word around town was that the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra was coming to Progreso and performing for free at the "Parque de la Paz" (peace park). I arrived a bit late as I had eaten at "Abierto" with Karen without Janet as she was exhausted after her long day in Merida walking all over the place. Well that was a painful hour I shall never get back and it was not the OSY it was a children's orchestra with a choir singing. We had to sneak off two by two so as not to be noticed. We made up for it by walking all the way home (4km) The evening was delightful and warm. Not what we have been experiencing the last few weeks.

After playing euchre for the last time this season I decided not to walk home but took the bus so as to get dinner going sooner but because I was texting Brendan I ended up 12 blocks past my home and had to walk back. I took the opportunity to take a picture of the new condos progress that are beside our first place; Villa del Mar. But another strange thing I saw along the way were the stations of the cross. I asked people that had them outside their home why and they had no idea as it wasn't Holy Week yet! Like so much around here they were already 45 min late!


Oh my the Yucatan Symphony out did itself with this incredible piece I had never heard before and I was so taken by it. I had never heard of this composer before Zoltan Kodal: Dances of Galanta . Listen to this piece https://g.co/kgs/FWSN8b
I liked it even more than the Preludio piece by Liszt that followed. We spent time before the Symphony to check out the Artesan Market in the Plaza Grande. I still can't get over how much nicer the new design of the place is!


After the concert we made a short stop at Santa Lucia Square where we found these unusual sculpture but have no idea what they signify or what they were in aid of

There are so many lovely restaurants to choose from in Merida; I would say the only good cuisine I have not found here is Chinese. I do look forward Dim Sum shortly after I return to Ottawa. My latest find was a new Lebanese nearby the Santa Lucia square called The Pita, where they make their own pita bread and I chose a falafel stuffed pita. I was extremely delighted with this but forgot to take a picture of it.


While Janet is off on an adventure with 4 other ladies I am enjoying the quiet day alone to write my blog and have time to myself. With the calm waters of the morning it was also an opportunity to spend time floating around for an hour with delightful Louisette. Glad we die that when we did as the winds picked up again shortly after we got out.


It is hard to think of all that needs to get done before leaving here. One week left here in the Yucatan before heading to spend Easter with my parents on the other side of Mexico. Since I decided to leave some clothes behind with hopes not to bring anything down next year; I took pictures of what is here instead of making a list. Let's see how this works out for next time. I am hoping that the silicone beads I purchased will do their job of absorbing the moisture. We can only wait and see!

The 'colibri' hummingbirds are all hatched.

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Chère Andréa,
Toujours un plaisir de te lire. Sans nous le dire, nous avons pris la même décision concernant les vêtements à laisser ici mais quelle bonne idée de prendre des photos au lieu de faire une liste. Bravo. Je vais faire pareille. Merci pour la bonne idée. Profitons du temps qu'il nous reste.Love you. Louisette

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