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On my own for a week!

Week 15

sunny 28 °C

Mixed emotions saying goodbye to Dara for 2 months while he goes on his adventure to Japan; the difference this time is Liam is along for the walk and this will make it a whole new experience.
Tried to have a quiet week but still there was plenty happening for me to not be bored on my own. I cherished the time to myself that I found relaxing and introspective. Whenever Dara leaves early I wonder why he feels the need to go sooner. It is every two years now that he has gone to japan walking for 2 months. I don't quite understand why he wants to do it three times. Each time is different and this time will be a whole new thing with our son Liam.

A weekly massage is so worth it here especially with such a wonderful Satchie. I look forward to next weeks massage.

There is a hummingbird that has a tiny nest with two eggs. One seems to have hatched but the other not yet. Weird to see.

I had not been to Faces Restaurant, this year for their Jam session yet and boy did I pick a winner. There was a guest who is a well known vocal coach and singer from Vancouver Cecile Larochelle. We had such a treat with her lovely Janis style voice.


Hard to believe how many showed up at the Muelle market this week. We thought is might have died down but that wasn't the case and sales were high for everyone. Many food vendors had brought less in anticipation of not selling quite as much with everyone using up the food they have before heading home; and the vendors all ran out before the morning was done.

Louisette and Denis were kind enough to invite me over for a wonderful lunch. It is nice not to have to cook for oneself. It is such a delight to spend time with them. They feel the need to thank me for just being me!

I marked down on my calendar last year to watch out for the book fair that happens around now and to my delight there was to be a talk by three English speaking authors that I have come to know at the IWC meetings. Two friends joined me into Merida to walk around this huge book fair where we stumbled upon numerous interesting stalls. We grabbed a bit of Chinese food before heading to the hall to hear our friends Joanna with her book Magic made in Mexico ( I read it a few years ago and really enjoyed it). Marianne Kehoe with her book of poems inspired by the people in her neighbourhood. The book is bilingual and so it was interesting to listen. I thoroughly enjoyed her poem: about going to a Suzuki recital it brought back the wonderful memories of our Liam and his 7 years of violin playing. The third one was Scribe by Linda Lindholm. It is an archeological murder adventure


Another trip into Merida is always a pleasant time especially with my friend Linda. We venture around the streets heading to wherever we have decided to go on this day; the shop selling the Acapulco chairs that I love. They also sell these wonderful bags made of the plastic used for market bags with a little more piazza to them.


Walking around I love taking photos of Merida

I bought more fabric to add to my collection of clothing copied by Lucy. By the time I leave here I will have a complete new set of clothing that will either stay here or come home with me! Next time I will have a suitcase with only food items etc that I like to bring down. The clothes will all be here already

A fundraiser for the Dinosaur sculpture they are planning to erect in Chicxulub, at David's restaurant was a folk concert performed by this lovely well known Canadian duo! Marianne Girard and Alan Fraser from Orangeville Ontario.


We read in the Yucatan Today that in the town of Tecoh there was a one day Festival of Hammocks and so off we went with my second trusty driver Gustavo to search for such an event. We arrived in the town to find absolutely no evidence of anything happening. We asked around and no one was aware of any such Festival! Even the two people known to make hammocks were completely unaware such an event. Who knows what happened? We chalked it up to another adventure gone haywire! So as not to have the day a complete bust we would check out the Grutas where there are 13 cenotes to see underground, nearby but that too wasn't a great idea as you have to wear hard hat and do some crawling to get to some of these cenotes with a guide and a flashlight but we didn't last very long! Ah well shit happens!

The market in this town was as colourful

Yesterday's sunset was stunning

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