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Week 6 half way of my stay in Chicxulub

My parents arrive too

sunny 34 °C

Week 6 In Chicxulub

This week started off really slow with a Puente ( long weekend) called Constitution Day an nice calm warm day. Dara and I went for a walk along the road as it was high tide, to bring Maggie some flowers for her birthday and check how she was doing, I had picked up in the market earlier, for her birthday and on our walk into the town of Chicxulub we then checked out Brin's new digs. It is a bigger house but smaller yard, so not the right ratio for her. She still has a lot of planting to do. She had dug up everything from her old yard and moved it over two doors down. As she has allergies she does not use a mattress as they tend to get musty in the humid air. Unfortunately not only did they provide her with a bed in her new house but they decided to treat the bed-frame with kerosene undenounced to her. So no wonder she had been feeling really bad thinking it was because she had been near foreigners who use too much perfume.
As we continued to walk into town we could smell the fried fish and so thought we would check to see if our favourite restaurant was open and sure enough there were several Mercedes and even a Jaguar. We found the last two spaces available for us and had coconut shrimp and fish. and shared. Our original plan was to stop by the school again but since it was a "puente"



Maggie had asked me yesterday to join her Beach Gals breakfast. These ladies meet on the first Tuesday of every month. There is a 200 peso and once a year they vote on who should get the funds raised and this year it is going to the Red Cross. I actually enjoyed myself more than last year but I think that is because I didn't know as many people as I do now. So Alexis you might feel the same way when you get back. The food is always really good there. I went back into town to buy some flowers for my mother. I wish I would remember to bring my camera with me as my phone is no longer taking good photos.

Wednesday started off early with a lovely massage outside on our terrace around the corner in the nook. She worked nice and hard for me as per my request. It was our weekly knitting group and we did get a few new people. Jenny from Terrace BC, Sheila came to learn how to make slippers for the ancianos, and Jackie joined back after being away. Right after our knitting I headed to Merida to pick up my car from Fiesta Americana hotel. I was fortunate to decide to take the combie into town as this one was going down the big boulevard saving me the three blocks of walking. I was delighted the weather has certainly heated up to over 30C every day. I am not complaining but when walking in the sun it can be hard. I like sitting on my patio looking at the ocean and knitting and simultaneously reading or watching a series on my iPad if my knitting doesn't require too much concentration.

As I had time to kill before picking up my parents at the airport I went to Costco to stock up on the items and have a cheap lunch . I still had more time, so I went hunting for the yarn shop called Punta Ingles, that Sharon had asked me to check out as it sold imported yarn, to see if she would carry the Bernat Cotton used for knitting the dishcloths. I think the Brazillian stuff I found in the Merida shop Saloman is just as good. It took me awhile to find this place and was still too early so sat in the car for the 15min. I was not overly impressed with her selection and it is all Spanish yarns. She said she would see what she could do but I am not counting on anything there. From there I went to the airport from there to pick up my parents. It was not the way I would have gone normally and the sun was setting. I wanted to get there before it got dark as finding somewhere new is always harder at night. I had to then figure out how to get home again and this was now in the dark. My parents arrived a bit early which was nice as I had been waiting a bit. My father of course was wondering where we were going and kept asking me this in the back seat. He finally shut up once I got on the highway, from there it takes 20 min to get to my house. I had prepared spaghetti sauce the night before for our dinner and Dara was kind enough to get the noodles ready and heat the sauce. This is one of my father's favourites of my cooking. It is wonderful to have my parents come over to this part of Mexico I have come to love. I know they are very comfortable where they are. I look forward to showing them some of the highlights of this area.


Thursday is Muelle market day, it would have been nicer if it had been a week later as my mom had not quite settled in, but she is a trouper and accompanied me to the market. It was a bit slower than the last time but I believe it is because of the heat and many people veg by their pool in this weather. I did manage to sell around 500 pesos which is 45$ I will see how I do at the next one if I am to continue with this. I would like to sell all that I have and then be done with it.

While sitting sipping my cup of tea having finished my breakfast I heard what sounded like Canada Geese flying over the house and so jumped up to see it was Flamingos flying in a "V" formation. I wanted to show my parents a bit around the area and took them to Xcambo

X'tampu is what the signs say that guide you to the Mayan site of Xcambó. The "x" is pronounced "sh" (shtam-poo and shcam-bow). For many years, nearby villagers used the stones for their fences, homes, and churches. Today, this very large site is actually under reconstruction and renovation. Xcambó was a salt and salted fish distribution center it its day, supplying Chichén Itza, Uxmal and Izamal with this protein source. Its eldest occupation origin dates back to 150 BC to 300 AC.


I like the peacefulness of this place and the lack of people, allows you to sit and reflect on what life might have been like here many moons ago. It was rather a hot day so we didn't spend too much time. We headed home first for a bite to eat before exploring Progreso with my parents. We walked along the Malecon and stopped in our favourite limonada spot on the beach and relaxed enjoying the lapping waves and the sunny day under a wonderful palapa. Isn't life wonderful! We had dinner plans to go to Marmex Hotel for ribs and dancing and were joining the Wheeler table that also included the lovely Janet. My parents were pleased with the ribs and the salad and once the music started we enjoyed that even more. Janet and my father got along like a house on fire as they both grew up in the same area in Montreal. My father grabbed my mother and kicked off his shoes and went dancing check it out on Facebook. I posted it there. I am also on the dance floor with him too. Believe it or not but so was Dara!! He keeps saying he doesn't dance but he had no problems moving around. I must say it was fun to watch my parents having such a good time especially my dad who used to dance so much and hasn't done it in a long time. This was also the latest I have seen my dad up in a long time. I guess when you are having fun time is irrelevant


Saturday was Carnaval parade in Merida day. We packed up for the night as we were booked in at Maison del Embajador formerly known as Maison Lafitte. Meeting up for lunch with our lovely friends at a restaurant in Hidalgo Park where there was music playing. From here the ladies decided to go to the wool shops near the market and pick up more hammock cotton to send home with Dara. What a difference it is walking in this part of the city. This is where all the Mexicans are hustling and bustling along with their shopping and daily lives. A contrast from the Historical Area. I just love doing this.


We had seats set aside for us in the front row and part of the animation of this night are the food vendors going by us offering us their food at a cheap price.. There was a little boy playing with his father and brother and a ball.




The parade was spectacular as always. It took 2 1/2 hrs to pass by and what amazed me was how long my father lasted watching it. He only missed the last 30 min. Dara was right into the excitement of it all. It is so wonderful to be able to order a drink and a bit of food from the hotel while enjoying the entertainment



Breakfast was quite extensive and included. We took the opportunity of the quiet morning to stroll along the closed roads and visit the Cathedral where we met a gentleman at the end of mass who came to explain things to us. the cross above the altar is the largest indoor cross in the world; and made from yellow birch a gift from Canada and carved by a Spaniard in 1967 it is over 8 meters tall. This is the oldest church in mainland Americas other than the one Dominican Republic being on an island. Once we visited the Govenors Mansion and made a stop at the museo casa montejo with Dara and My mom while my dad and I went for a coffee in the Hidalgo square watching the world go by.


I forgot my camera and missed so many great photos.

We spent a leisure time relaxing by the pool before we headed home via Mega and Costco. Dara decided to stay and watch the parade again during the noon version but with such a hot day we declined especially since it is in full sun. I believe only mad dogs and englishmen sit out in such weather.

Monday is my usual quiet day so I can get this blog done but it is not quite as easy to do when your parents are asking questions all day!!! LOL We were graced with quite the collection of dolphins in front of us for over an hour, just going back and forth. Making this week quite the one for wild life! Dara gave a lesson to Arisela who is the daughter of the caretakers and has a diploma in e-commerce. They set up a page on 'flash alerts' for her to use and update the information of what is happening around town. Lets see if this works out.

Stay tuned for more adventures with my parents and Dara tomorrow is Mardi Gras and there is a parade in Progreso we shall watch from the comfort of our restaurant table!.

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The parade looked as wonderful as last year and I think it is so civilized to be able to order drink and nibbles while watching from your chair!!

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