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Arrival of the Chawners!

Week 10


As I sit on my patio enjoying the gentle breeze and the sunset sky I feel so relaxed and blessed to be here . This is such a lovely place to be. There isn't the luxury of where my mom and dad live but this has a simple beauty. I think the magic of this place is it attracts like minded people. I know that everyone isn't my friend but I seem to be known by so many; I wish I had a better memory. I know faces but names escape me. If we all wore name-tags would that help? It would be weird; maybe tattoo our foreheads which would help in remembering our own names

We start off this week with the arrival of our friends Mick and Louise. I have known Louise for a very long time. Too many to count! Louise was one of my bridesmaids; and that wasn't yesterday!

We have now a little routine for our guests: they arrive followed by a lunch and relaxing drink on the patio. This is then followed by a walk along the beach and back to a cup of tea. Then later that evening we go to our local place for Tacos Al pastor! Do you think I will ever remember to take a photo of the menu to get the name of this place. I've called it now "Abierto". (Open). Since that is the only sign posted on the outside

A new revelation by Louise is was that we have penguins here! Yes she said she likes how the penguins dive! As Louise was saying this, she actually tried to correct herself and then said oh yes penguins! Pelicans to the rest of us. Mick of course will not go a day without mentioning them to her! There is a penguin in the pool next door maybe that is what got her confused. Old age is more likely!

A day of relaxing by the pool and swimming in the calm waters of the gulf was in order and this followed again the next day too. With no wind it is great to take advantage, as this isn't always the case.
It was time to show them a little bit of Progreso by going in and walking around at the end of a cruise ship day. With no buying in mind we just walked along the Melecon where we enjoyed the gentle breeze before heading to Faces for a delicious steak dinner.

One day of excursion is a must even if you are only here a week. We chose to take them to Mayapan with our trusty driver Carlos. Louise being a history major was quite intrigued by what our guide had to say. For the first time I was able to go up the pyramid and not have too much trouble breathing at the top.


A visit to the Yucatan could not go without a swim in a cenote. We were able to get to two different ones before heading to a Hacienda for our lunch. The first one was a bit warmer but much deeper; can't quite figure that out as I would have thought it would have been the other way around. Jumping in off a platform was the highlight. Haven't been that brave in ages. Not sure what go over me and I did it twice!


Following our swim we headed to a Hacienda San Pedro Ochil. What a beautiful site. Mostly just a ruin and they have set up a restaurant. The food was superb


We bought Symphony tickets for them to join us in Merida for the Sunday routine. An early ride into town was a better idea as this allowed us to take them to Chaya Maya for a Mexican breakfast in this lovely spot.

Chaya Maya restaurant is such a lovely setting!

this lovely door was in the restaurant and I know how much Alexis loves doors. (I do too)

After hearing Beethoven's 5th played extremely well we ventured along Calle 60 to the usual Santa Lucia for a quick look at the dancing. It seems to be too loud for the old folks so a chocolate smoothie from the local chocolate shop was in order to take along with us for our walk to the bottom of the Paseo Montejo. Strolling along this wonderful boulevard in the heat of the day isn't so bad as there are plenty of lovely large trees to provide you with enough shade. A relaxing stop at the most beautiful Starbucks I have ever been to.

the giant conversation chairs in Santa Lucia

One of the lovely buildings along Paseo Montejo

the lovely Starbucks

Dara and I relaxing in Starbucks

The regular conversation chairs!

A relaxing day at home was in order for the last day here! With the wind it meant the ocean was not quite as inviting. I ordered weeks ago a massage therapist that comes highly recommended around town. It has taken me until now to get an opening. Much to my surprise Louise has never had one and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She has a unique technique of massaging that I have not come across before!

Louise and Mick depart today and my cousin Val arrives for an 11 day visit on the same Westjet flight they are departing on!

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Sounds like a good time had by all!

by hermanita

Looks like a fantastic week. Very nice

by Bonnie

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