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Some time alone with Dara in Mexico City!

Week 9

sunny 29 °C

We started off this quiet week with a lovely dinner at the Alguire's home along with Jenny and Richard. Sharing their fall adventures made us look to what we hope to finally get to do this fall: Australia and NZ. A 60 day cruise from Vancouver and all around Australia, is certainly something to consider and then you stay a bit longer and pop over to NZ before flying home. I'll be looking into this option soon. We also heard of Kiwi express from several and that appeals to me with the Hop on Hop off bus from the North to the South.

Tamales Colados are the best kind. As mentioned in the past few years they take a lot more time to prepare but are well worth it. I have written the recipe down this time so as to replicate it this summer in Ottawa. I had been told to go an hour after Ada thought I was coming so the masa had already been prepared along with the shredding of the chicken breasts; even so it still took us 3 hours to make 55 of them. I wasn't quite sure why we were making so many for our group but as it turned out, Rosie had ordered 30 for the party, with the remainder going for herself and Poly! The afternoon was such a delight with these two ladies especially when I was invited to stay and have lunch. She prepared fajitas poblano. I didn't want to take a picture of it as this was their meal of the day! I did find the exact recipe; http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/marcela-valladolid/creamy-poblano-pepper-strips-rajas-recipe.html
She had used the filets from the chicken breasts she cooked for the tamales. I felt so honoured being included in their meal. They later drove me home so that they could show me a few things along the way. Once at the house I found a small bottle of maple syrup to give them. I had explained to them about the process of making it over our lunch.

the masa all ready and cooling

the leaves being cleaned

the putting all together

the final step of putting the sauce on top

In the pot ready to be steamed

this is the manta ray

all steamed and ready to eat

the beautiful end product

The gang enjoying their tamales!

It was certainly another busy day at the Muelle Market. The popularity is spreading! I helped Carmita at 'Asociacion de Mujeres de Chicxulub' table with the the bags etc as there were plenty of people at the food-bank. I have sold enough stuff to finance my three families for the next year and so anything they sell now will go to another project within the foodbank. Did you check out the photos I shared of the event on FB.


Dara in Mexico City! Having a great time with old friends. He didn't want me along to spoil his fun!

As I am heading out the door; to my surprise the lovely Ada comes to my door bringing this plate of grilled tamales; I just happened to mention never having tried them. Unfortunately even though they were nice and warm, I had already plans so they waited for the next night, to be shared with the 'New York Boys' on my terrace. I was going out early as I could not stand the digger two doors down going back and forth and the reverse noise they can't turn off over and over again. It is a form of Chinese torture I am sure. I guess when you are a construction worker you tune that out so that must defeat the purpose of this damn thing anyway. LOL. I am told this construction will go on until July! the house looks massive but hard to tell just yet.

Last year while sitting at this lovely Korean restaurant friends of mine from Ottawa, came around the corner and so when I was back at the Slow food market sipping on a coffee I thought to myself; I wonder if I might see Rosie and Leo again, this time knowing that they were due sometime soon in Merida! I get up from the table and go around the corner and there they were! This was meant to be our rendezvous place in this universe! Their friends are friends of the lady who comes to the Muelle Market, with her organic produce. We had a good laugh about this coincidence. They will soon be heading to the beach in Chelem and we shall have to meet up for dinner!


The Sunday flea market in the Chuburna Hidalgo Market in Merida is always fun; and you never walk away empty handed. I now have four margarita glasses I wanted and a few pairs or earrings I really didn't need.

Walking to this flea market we came across all sorts nice shots! Because I had taken a photo of a house for sale this little lady thought she should point out all the others that are for sale along this calle 19!
This play house was in front of the big house

We were done early and so grabbed an Uber to Plaza Angel to try out this new restaurant Merci. Being Sunday it was brunch menu but had plenty for anyone to choose. Linda's croque monsieur were quite interesting topped with two eggs!


Linda has taken a shine to these new retro chairs seen all over the place called 'Acapulco chairs'. I wouldn't mind one or two of these!


I look out into the lovely calm ocean today and to my delight I spot something in the water; half hoping it its the manta ray again as I had been told she had babies but it was three dolphins swimming along. They don't stay around as do the mantas. It is lovely to see the locals stop to watch the graceful performance as well as us.

Waiting for the arrival of our friends, Louise and Mick, from back home; and Dara is returning from 5 days in Mexico City!

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Wonderful pictures!

by Anne Goslin

Oh, they just ruined a croque Monsieur by putting eggs on it! Love the chair!!

by hermanita

That chair would look nice on your deck at home!
And all that food would look good on the deck too...hint,hint...

by Bonnie

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