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sunny 26 °C

This has been a quiet week and well appreciated! Dara accompanied Toni to the airport and I just relaxed at home. It is lovely to have company and we will be soon having more arriving. A relaxing walk along the beach with so many more shells than the last walk with Toni. I came across this lovely shell but when I went to pick it up discovered that it still belonged to someone so I left it alone. While sitting at Lorraine's home I noticed someone finding it as well and throwing it back in the water. So when I was walking back I found it was out of the water again! I wondered if this poor guy had come to shore to die and we keep sending it back into the water! I threw him back as well ! Who knows??


Our caretakers invited us to celebrate their wedding anniversary with them and so we suggested eating in our place as we have the space. Tony cooked aracherra and sausages and we provided some veggies and wine! It was such a lovely evening of stories and laughter. We feel honoured to share these times with them. They have become family to us! Another wonderful Mexican experience. We are always touched when we get included in their homes or celebrations.


Every year the group in Chuburna puts on a lovely fashion show with gently used clothing donated by people here. I have not been able to attend since the first year I was here; then they had it at a lovely restaurant on the Malecon that no longer exists. The following years they had done it in smaller venues and sold out before I even showed up here! This year it was at a lovely venue that we had been also the first year here for a Red Cross fundraiser! The theme was 'Getting in the Groove and so everyone was dressed in 60s clothing. Along with 71 volunteers helping with all required there were several men who served us with our drinks and brought our lunch to us after the show. There was a silent auction with many items. I bid on a lovely elephant painting but it was not to be my lucky day.


If I ever win at one of the bingo games you will surely hear about it.

Another Thursday came along and this means "Steak Night" at Faces. We included the lovely Massachusetts ladies next door in our reservation to get to know them a bit better. These two sisters are very amusing and quite different from one another.

No food photos as you all know what a steak looks like right? But next door there is a new painting on the wall worth showing everyone!

While at this dinner Gord stopped by the table for a drink and invited us all to dinner at his house along with everyone else he met in the past week walking around. He has no idea of how many are coming. He was two sheets to the wind but we decided that it would be interesting to go for his famous chilli dinner! They have two dogs one the size of a peanut (dash hound) and the other the size of a small horse (a ridgeback something or other). All this has done is convince me more than I already feel that dogs are a pain to have around! I have not been around a dog lately that has made me wish I had one instead it has just enforced my dislike. The dog at this party just grabbed food out of my hand. With a tug of war I was not happy with this. I know that it is the owners that have created these monsters and I know that there are well behaved dogs out there whose owners have well trained them but I have not seen any recently.


What interested me this evening was how many people we didn't know at this event. We are continuously meeting new people down here. This gentleman did some singing but after a bit we left as the buses don't run very late and so we ddin't want to walk home. We unfortunately missed the best singer who started right after we left. Ah well I understand he sings in various locations so we will have to check him out in one of those places.

Our lovely friend Linda invited us over for dinner and we got to eat at her lovely new table. (Photo gone missing!) I enjoy our one on one times with her! She has such a lovely new place but not as quiet as her old home or as much garden. With her lovely touch this place will be even nicer than the last place!


When I am in Merida I love to take photos of the buildings as you have seen over the years. It was lovely to see this freshly painted in a different colour this year! The difference with Saturday in Merida and Sunday was amazing of hot 29C and very humid to 22C ( I know this isn't that cold! ) and light rain made it less pleasant for walking around. So we didn't stay too long in Merida after eating a quick 'taco al pastor' on the square and a bit of shopping!

IMG_8827.jpgIMG_8834.jpgIMG_8861.jpg the smell in this church from these lovely flowers permeates the whole place! It is incredible how long it lasted from a week ago!

Having a day to relax at home and watch some Netflix is a welcome. The wind is still blowing out there and makes sitting out on the terrace a bit too cool. Another 22C day!
We were sitting enjoying the nothing day and get a call from Michel who tells us he is the owner of the house Louise and Glen are renting at home this winter. Glen had told us he thought they were visiting Mexico somewhere close to where we are; as it turned out very close, in Chelem. Since they have a car it was easy for them to pop by for a visit that turned out to be over two hrs of lovely getting to know one another. They live in Ottawa about 5 min walk from our place. This is their first time here and have fallen in love with the place, as most do. They have a place in Fort Myers Florida, where they know lots of people but there isn't the same friendliness as there is here. In a week they met more and socialized with more than they have ever done in Florida. They were quite interested in seeing the next door house for next years rental!

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