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A visit from our friend Toni

Week 7

sunny 28 °C

The highlight of this week was the arrival of Dara's (and mine too) friend Toni Forsythe whom he met at his Irish language class a few years back. This was her inaugural visit to Mexico. (She did make a stop on a cruise in Cozumel but we won't count that) An afternoon walk on the Malecon was a must see!

Our walk along Calle 60 to the Malecon turned out to be interesting as well!

Well this is quite something; 250 pesos (15$) for 5 people eating nachos piled high with chicken and a lovely gravy. More like a puttin! What a great combination!!!! did I take photos no I was too hungry to think of it. Will have to do it next time. We all had tacos al pastor 2-3 each. Guacamole that was just with lime juice and very good; 'queso fundido' made with manchego cheese. A simply delightful meal!

Where was my head no photos only the one of the pastor meat!!! LOL


We introduced her to the lovely panuchos for breakfast in Chicxulub before joining me at the Muelle Market for a bit of a shop. I had done most of the purchases before they arrived and was able to give them the bag to hump home!

Inauguration doom's day party was held at our friends Brooke and Don; they had recorded the inauguration so that we could commiserate. A few came dressed in black as they were in mourning! We all had to bring an appetizer depicting the country you were most worried about. So there were USA itself Mexico and Canada.


Dara and Toni jump off the bus early to visit the lovely Gran Mayan Museum; I really didn't want to miss the Solidarity "March" on Merida, at Hennessy's Irish Pub; as I felt it was an important event to be included in what was happening around the world. They had planned to go home after the museum but felt compelled to join us at the pub for a Guinness and a meal!
I am so concerned by what this man plans to do to women and their rights I have never participated in anything before yet I was compelled to do so this time. We cannot sit back and let him do as he wishes without a fight. We have a hard 4 years ahead of us but we can't become complacent. There was an anticipation of around 50-75 people to show up and that certainly was an underestimation; around 500 came between noon and 3pm. It was so wonderful to see the numbers of men who were there supporting women! Watching it live on the TVs there was just breathtaking. I wonder if this is the largest single protest participation held on all continents. It was an overwhelming turnout everywhere with the sea of pink quite noticeable in so many photos I did my part with the "pussyhat movement" I had made a few hats but should have thought of the headbands sooner so I could have made that many more; as it was a very hot day; but we were indoors with AC and so I did wear it. (The reason we did not march outside was to make sure we weren't perceived as making a protest; which is illegal for foreigners) The two of the three organizers wore my headbands. My lovely daughter did her part in Toronto. (Wearing the hat I gave her for xmas; who knew 'pussyhats' would be the in thing!).


Woke up this morning and thought we were seeing dolphins but with a closer look with the binoculars we think it is shark; even Tony ( our Cuidador) thought it was as well but with a closer look in his 'lancha', it turned out to be a huge manta ray. Our estimates are about 3 meters or more. He came to shore and called me to take us out to see it. He made three trips with people from around to see this majestic beautiful creature. I so wanted to jump in the water with him but I didn't have time to put my bathing suit on!


This show went on for a good two hours but we had to head to Mérida for our Symphony concert. Toni was well impressed with Merida and the caliber of this orchestra. We shall be enjoying this for the next few Sundays on our own and with our future guests.

Another wonderful afternoon spent in Mérida. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful city so close to us making this place that much more enticing every year!
This last building has recently been renovated to its original splendour! Notice the error?

Our visit with Toni is coming to an end. With the wind we might not do much except for a little walk along the Malecon and a beer at Crabsters. We hope that Toni enjoyed her visit with us as much as we did her company. I think she'll be back!

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Merci Andréa de prendre ce temps pour partager. C'est toujours un plaisir de te lire. Je t'embrasse très fort et tu es bien belle avec tes petits chapeaux. Bye, Louisette

by Louisette Grenier

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