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Week Five in the Yucatan

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Week five in Chicxulub

My week started with a message from my princess in India. She was all upset as she thought she had been scammed with the booking of her flight to Kumb Mehla. It turned out to be just fine. She really seems to be enjoying her time there. What a fantastic experience she is having living there for two months and learning so much about a totally different culture than what you are used to. It certainly helps you appreciate what it is you have in life back in Canada. We really do live in one of the best countries in the world. I would stay there the whole year if I didn't have go out into cold temps. So my stay in Mexico for the three coldest months suits me just fine.

Today we met up with Jenny and Richard for lunch in Merida; our original plan was to eat at the museum but we changed our minds on route and ate at the Italian restaurant inside the shopping mall "Gran Plaza" It was a delightful meal shared with some equally nice people. We parted and went into the centre of town to search out some yarn shops and shops that sell the hilos for making hammocks. Of course the directions we had been given by a hammock guy were not quite the right ones but we did stumble upon a street full of piñatas and candies galore to fill them with. I don't think I have ever seen so many!!!!!!


We continued searching around the area and we happen to find a lovely wool shop with cotton we can use to make the dishcloths instead of bringing them down, for about the same price as at home. They have a huge assortment of yarns of all kind. In one shop of notions they had a huge wall of zippers that looked like a flower arrangement. I asked to take the photo but they would not allow it; they also had a huge selection of ribbon and lace trim. A sewers delight!!

We were in the Old Post office area and the market; which I love to walk around, but Dara is not quite so keen on the crowds of people. I love to sit on a bench and watch them all walking in different directions trying to decide what to buy for their meal today!


Once I found the cotton for the hammock and bought some we ventured back to Plaza Grande and had a look in the cathedral. It is the oldest Cathedral in the Americas.


On Tuesday evenings I read in the Yucatan living that there was big band that started or I thought started at 7pm but after us sitting there watching them setting it up we finally asked someone; 8:30. It was only 7:30 and we didn't feel like sitting there like goons for another hour. We shall venture in on another Tuesday, maybe when my parents are here! Here is what is posted "This weekly dance has been held every Tuesday night since Valentine’s Day, 1984. Come out and enjoy the Big Band sounds of the 1940s, performed by members of the wonderful Jaranara Orchestra. Best of all, this is a great place to practice your chachacha and your mambo, or just sit and watch others enjoy dancing under the stars; 8:30pm"!!!!!

Wednesday January 30th
I sit here on my deck reading my book as I can't seem to sleep in, then I see my "cuidador" going out to get his fishing net. He has this small boat that he uses one ore at the back to go out I wonder how his catch was today. He doesn't go out everyday. His wife and daughter are raking the sea weed ( they just throw it back in the water!!)

My day was so nice and calm until I got a call from my mother. I just can't believe what she told me; my aunt Claire had a massive stroke and will not be recovering. I am so shocked as is everyone. She was to go to work today! I can't imagine Ottawa without her. She has always been there since I came back to Canada except for a few years when she was in Germany. This is not right. I just saw her on Boxing Day; where we had a lovely time with Paul, Wayne and his wife. I mentioned to Dara how nice it was just the few of us. I also called to tell her how much I enjoyed it. This is not supposed to happen yet. She was almost 81 She had at least another 10 years to go!

My knitting group was a bit of a distraction and I didn't share how I was feeling as I didn't want to bring everyone else down as it was a lovely morning of chatting about all sorts of things. We were only three people today. I do hope that more will come. For some reason others keep forgetting.!! How can I get the word out.

I decided to try and numb my feelings of sadness by going to meet Dara after her session at the elementary school; where he was helping them with their computers. We went to this new restaurant on the beach in Chicxulub. It is owned by one of the owners of Bamboo Beach from the US. He had an opening right before Dara arrived that I missed. He has happy hour from Noon to 4pm. I met a lovely friend of mine I knew from last year, from Terrace BC but originally from Edinburg. She is such a lovely lady and even bought me my first two margaritas. When Dara arrived we ordered more of them. I must say they are the best I have had down here quite close to mine!! The botanas are delicious there too. After 5 of these margs I we headed home. It didn't quite numb the pain though.
(My aunt did not pass until the 31st January at 6:44 She hung on a little longer than was anticipated. May she rest in peace.)

Shortly after we returned home another "el norte" started up again and with rain again but nothing like the one two weeks ago. It continued for another two days. We stayed indoors all Thursday as it was nice to just veg a bit. I knit and watched Netflicks finishing the two seasons of Nurse Jackie, why they don't have three posted as season 5 is about to start.

Yesterday the wednesday cruise ship arrived late 11:30 instead of 7:00am. It was very strange and all we could think of that they had mechanical problems. The evening came and they never left. This is a first for me to see; they were still there the next day too but around 4pm they did leave. We looked it up on the World Wide Web to see what they had to say about it. Nothing but there was an article in the Progreso Hoy. At the same time I found there was even a phot of the fashion show ladies, (that included me!! LOL) Anyway the ship experienced a turbine problem and had to get that repaired. When the vendors in the market didn't see the ship there some packed things up and returned to Merida but others were fortunate enough to hang around and get the benefit of tourists wanting to do something. They even continued the bus service off the ship until 10pm which would allow them to travel into Merida for a full day and possibly even take in some other tourist attractions further afar.

We were starting to get cabin fever and started to walk to town but the rain returned and so it was wiser to take the local transport. It was very quiet now that the ship was gone. The town turns into a sleeping fishing village. We like it both ways. We enjoyed a nice cappuccino not an ice cappuccino (Dara has had this problem a number of occasions !!)
On Fridays they have Euchre games at the Marmax Hotel between 1pm and 3pm so we thought why not go and join the group. Dara and I are beginners or rather I am more of one but I didn't do too badly this time. It is so nice to play with people who are just wanting to have some fun. There were three tables and it was a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. It had stopped raining by the end and so were able to get a walk in today!

We ended the day at the new restaurant in Chicxulub for lovely hamburgers and margaritas. I forgot to ask for anejo tequila and they definitely were not as good as the other day. Dara concurred as it had nothing to do with the fact I had 5 of them. This new place is quite nice by the ocean with its two turrets that are washrooms, the wind was dying down a bit but still enough to need a jacket. The owner is out to please everyone as is looking for feedback on how it is going. He is really trying to please and I must say succeeding. These were the best burgers we have had so far.

Saturday: It was nice to sleep in for once. I woke to calm seas and no wind, not what sailors like but us beach dwellers prefer it. I went to check out what the beach had deposited and my oh my quite a lot of seaweed and shells.
I will have to comb the beach at a later time when I am not so busy relaxing on my patio. Enjoying breakfast outside again!!


Sunday 3rd Feb

Our adventure in Merida continues. We returned as promised last week, to find bikes to rent. Once we got off the bus and started walking along a lovely street towards the Paseo Montejo to search for bikes we were amazed to see some incredible homes and then beside them were some falling down homes. This usually means that there is a dispute on who owns the house and therefore it is left to fall apart.

photos of the houses along Calle Deportivas

I should have taken photos of the falling down ones too!!

As I continue to find new things to do here in the Yucatan. I had always wanted to ride the bikes along the BiciRuta on Sundays mornings and wondered where to rent bikes. As I mentioned last week, I tried asking those who work along the route but they sent us to the other end at the Plaza Ermita; and there were none left I looked it up on the internet and found an article in the Yucatan Living (which we all trust and read it at its word. They told us to go to the Monumento al Patria or to Burger King along Paseo Montejo but that wasn't the best place to find good bikes. They were barely working. I rode mine ahead of Dara to look and see if I could find a better bike. After asking a lady who had the a "city bike" where she got hers I went and found that there was one left; but this belonged to the owner and was not for rent. I waited a bit then decided to ask them to please reconsider; and they did. I left my crappy bike in their stands to pick up when I returned. RDBikes that are beside the OXO across from the Anthropology Museum. These bikes are really comfortable to ride. It brought me back to when I was a kid and had a bike with no gears and back pedal to break. I have seen these bikes at home and thought that they might be perfect for going shopping. We rode along the whole route from one end back to the beginning. It was such a nice day despite a few rain drops didn't stop me from enjoying it. I had to return the old uncomfortable bike after returning the city bike and I barely made it back; I was so close to just walking this crappy thing!!!!!


Here are a few sites along the bike route


Not only was it biciRuta time but also a big Zombie Walk along the route, making it hard at the end to bike by them.


We ended our outing by trying the Hennessy Pub on Paseo Montejo. Dara got his fix of Guinness and I had a local beer on tap along with fish cakes which were grouper and salmon and Dara had the trusty hamburger!

Back at the home-front and sitting here on the patio the wind picking up enjoying the sound of the waves; but needing a jacket to stay out here. Along came four young ones with a case of beer and set up on the patio next door. Dara says they are harmless but I am not as sure as he is . I want to keep an eye on them and make sure there is no issue. He heads off to watch the superbowl at John's condo but I do not wish to partake in such a ritual!! Not my cup of tea.

Monday is blog posting day!

Here is something rather spooky. Yesterday I was mentioning to Dara that my watch was all scratched up and that when the battery stops I will just get a new one rather than replace the battery. Last night it seemed to slow down very drastically and I had to adjust the time by 2 hrs. Then overnight it stopped work precisely at the time a friend of mine in Vancouver died!

The cruise ship arrived on time today! So it is a day to avoid going to Progreso until they leave. 3400 people arrive in town to take over the place. The shop and restaurant owners; along with the artisans and tour operators, are hoping for a great day! It really is what keeps the town going during the off season. This place completely changes during the Easter week and again in the summer months. There are places that aren't even open at this time of the year. I sometimes think it would be great to see it in its glory, but at the same I am glad to picture it in the more relaxed laid back feeling I get now.

It is another nice sunny calm day at the beach, with not too much on the agenda. It is Maggie's birthday and we were to celebrate it by going out to the Hacienda Xcanatun but unfortunately Maggie isn't feeling well and hasn't been for a week. It is a little disconcerting as Maggie has not been doing well since her arrival in December. I think she has spent more time in bed than out. I hope she feels better soon.

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What great shots of the different types of bikes along the paseo montejo...glad you found out where the good ones are and at least got to try one!Can't believe you found margaritas that are almost as good as yours! I know it doesn't ease your pain of losing your auntie Claire, but keep all those wonderful memories close to your heart.

by hermanita

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