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Week Four

sunny 32 °C

I wake up every day around 6:30-6:45. Not sure why as I sleep in at home. I do enjoy the early morning with the sun light changing how my terrace view is; and the sea is usually very calm at this time. (Unless there is a Norte). On Mondays and Wednesday I also see the arrival of the Cruise ship at the end of the 5 km (muelle) pier. It is too bad they don't allow you to walk it. It is the longest pier in the world. It is so shallow here due to the Chicxulub Crater formed by the meteor that hit here and wiped out the dinosaurs all those years ago. What is strange is you still find pieces of the rock on the beach.

It is hard to believe that I am on the fourth week of my stay-cation. The day started off looking promising with the sun and calm waters. It did not take long before the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in. Dara and I went for a walk along the beach to Progreso. I took pictures along the way. Some of the houses have had some work done and others are even more run down than last year. Before 2008 there were far more of these houses looking in great shape. So many places have deteriorated since then. I took some pics along the walk

ED6350CD2219AC68178E5C49BB7A3F86.jpgED6FAF6F2219AC68173E5FD605E397DA.jpgED7729ED2219AC681746F11F31147DFD.jpgED8AA8892219AC68172019DBA42D5A8F.jpgour walk into Progreso along the beach

our walk into Progreso along the beach


Our third stitch along happened with Sharon joining us and Jackie not being here so there were still only 4 of us. I do hope it grows a bit bigger. While we where relaxing knotting Dara had gone in to Merida to buy a DVD player to replace theirs as it was not working well after the rain. Once Dara got into Progreso he called and walked to meet at Yacuna Hotel to listen to the jam session. It was rather entertaining but we were quick to appreciate how good 'the Garden of Weeds' band really is. We decided to eat lunch and really enjoyed the food.

Today we woke to a lovely clear sky and calm seas. I took my new tommy bahama beach chair to the beach and sat there enjoying the comfort of this lovely chair and having my feet in the soft sand just the other side of the wall. I read my book listening to the waves lapping the beach and thinking of all my friends and family stuck back home in -40C weather and thank every minute that I am here in the warmer weather.

Later we walked up to meet Maggie and John then walk over to the Pig Roast dinner at La Lupita Restaurant. We were the second to arrive only minutes after Ian and Sheila and so this year we got really great seats for us and a few others who were joining our table. Manuel puts on a lovely feast and festivities of dancers. The quality of the dancing was much more professional than the last one we were at. Little Alexis came by to our table and took a picture of Dara with him. I will have to compare it with last years photo. He was quite the little man going around clearing the tables of their empties. He was so cute and always had a big smile on his face, we all melted and each one of us gave him a 10 pesos over the night he must have made a pretty penny. I hope he gets to keep it all for his hard work.


After the dancing we were entertained with mariachis playing all our favourite tunes we are all associate with Mexico!! I am sure you know the ones I mean; no need to mention them.

I love the fact that we can walk home from everywhere. We can take a bus if we have bags of groceries.

I admire Manuel and his family planning these little soirees and inviting people to their restaurant for an evening of food and entertainment. This is very entrepreneurial of him. This winter they are going to do two evenings with hope those who missed it in January will get a second chance to attend.

I managed to sleep in to 8am for the first time. I was pleased to see another nice day was upon us. I was on the lounge chair outside thinking about how lovely my life is. I was listening to the waves lapping the beach the light breeze blowing; watching after the dancing we were entertained with the mariachis playing all our favourite tunes we are all associate with Mexico!! I am sure you know the ones I mean; no need to mention them.

At noon Carmita arrived at our home to discuss some ideas she had for Dara to help some boys in a school in the afternoon. ( Dara write about it)

We also had another task for today and that was to go and find out what was going on with a poor family that has not shown up at Dispensa for three months. We rode the bus as we had a heavy bag of their Christmas hamper to deliver. This family is at the end of the bus line right on the corner. calle 4 in Chicxulub. When we arrived at this small home where 5 people live. The mother along with a 19 year old Erik; 17 year old Juan Carlos; 15 year old Dora ; Hector 13 and 4 year old Edgar. Mom was on a job in Merida; Erik was off fishing.

The 15 year old was there taking care of her lttle brother. The conversation was something like this ... "Carmita would like to go with you, if possible to speak with Crisanta. It was her referral that got her on the roster. During the conversation I would like to know if Eric still wants to go to school (Tech in Progreso) and if he did could they manage on her salary? I have someone who is looking to fund someone to attend a program to improve his/her future and her oldest son might fit the bill. The couple need to know the costs for a year's program and if manageable they might help Eric get his degree in engineering and improve their future."

You come away from there not having seen inside their home this time, feeling good that we help families. Walking along the street with Carmita was interesting. She is a very intelligent woman who knows what needs to be done to help change things here but is powerless to make a big change. Her contribution to Chicxulub is the best thing she can be doing and hope that others will follow her example.

We were done in time for me to join the ladies at Bamboo beach for lunch before the bingo game.

This bingo is the only bingo I have ever played; ;last year and this time. It is interesting to see how the cards are reused by covering the numbers with shells; beans or pennies yes canadian pennies. (now that they are no valid why not) I was at a table of 6 women and it seemed to be the best table there; all but one won something with Maggie getting the jackpot with the the 50/50 draw of 1000 pesos. Most games were 200pesos winnings and two games of 500 pesos. Yes I was the only non winner at our table after 12 games. It was well worth the 16$ it cost me for the fun afternoon.

Walking home I searched for my earring that I lost the night before. I seem to have issues with earrings on this trip. Not so lucky with this second set. I will have to get Jorge to make me another one.!

The rest of the evening continued back to where I started my day on the lounge chair watching the sun set and continue my knitting with yarn I was donated at home by Emma and make a shawl to sell at the next bazaar.

We ventured back in Merida today, with hopes to ride bicycles along the closed off route. We kept asking where to find the bikes and it was further and further away. At this church that was built in 1562 at L'Ermita. This is where they lend you bikes for free, it was 10:45 and there were no bikes left to use and they said that you had till 11 to borrow a bike but it had to be returned by 11:30. We waited to see if anyone showed up by 11 to use one but there was no luck. We looked around the church where there was mass being said and people were spilled out into the outside on chairs or the wall listening to mass. It was right at the homily when we happened to be walking by. What drivel he was saying about doing your homework was to please god!!!!




I was perplexed at the bike situation and need to look into it further for next week. ( why didn't I do this before this knowing this was what we planned to do?????) I did see several bikes that say "se renta" or "rentme". Looking up on the internet I found an article about biking in Merida and mention of two places to rent them. So we are on for next Sunday!! I guess it was not meant to be this week. We knew John and Maggie were coming into town too so I called to see if they wished to join us for lunch at " Chaya Maya" restaurant that Alexis and I went to on our first trip to Merida.


We continued our walk around to watch the dancing again on the Santa Lucia park and to check out our hotels for the Carnival.


Maggie and I continued checking out the vendors while John and Dara went to check out the Cathedral but it was now closed. LOL I love to people watch in this Plaza Grande! It is not full of tourist yet there are several of them around it is the locals that come out and walk around on a Sunday. In front of the Governors Mansion there is usually some form of entertainment. It was nice to stay in town a little later than we usually do and take in the ambiance. The stalls are still set up at 5pm. When we got back to Progreso Dara decided to run home and the rest of us fools took the bus!!


As I sit on the patio and read noticing the two boats on the horizon. Knowing how both are so different one is a cruise ship full of tourists who aren't all that interested in where they are heading and another is coming home with his catch after several days at sea. His family waiting on the shore somewhere for their return. Fisher men's life is so uncertain. One turns left to the pier and the other turns right probably heading towards Chicxulub. My thoughts turn to Erik who could easily have been on this boat. His having to drop out of school he so wanted to attend, after his father died so that he could work to help support his family. But let's hope we can change that.

It is so nice not to have anything planned and just take int he light breeze and go for a swim in the lovely ocean. As I entered the water I was admiring the colour that so many people think as dirty is just churned up sand. It is just sand at the bottom; there were ripples on the ocean making a contrast the reflection of the blue sky and the sandy water looking an olive green. A picture will not show this very well.


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Loved the blog, so nice to see all the "old" places and people...including little Alexis! Hope you manage to get bikes this coming week, it will be a fun ride.

by hermanita

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