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Week 13

Cuernavaca; Taxco and Baja!

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After Yucatan,

We took a flight from Merida to Mexico City on Interjet. It is so nice not to have to do the four hours to Cancun. Many of our friends were lining up in the long queue for Westjet to Toronto.

Upon arrival in Mexico City after an almost two hour flight on Interjet we went to Alamo to get our car. As we expected it was not 16$ US for three days but 78$ but to make matters worse they didn't even have a car for us. Europecar piped up and offered us a VW or Prius for $62 for three days all included. We did have a back up plan with Budget for $ 112. Once we took car of the contract we were off and listening carefully to Siri on google maps to find our way out of the city. I am not sure what we did before GPS; got lost a lot more I guess?

We found our AIRBNB after a 90 min drive in the mountains. Alvaro was waiting there to greet us and show us to our apt. These grounds are quite impressive; 75 year old compound with multiple buildings with an incredible back yard. Did I take photos no when we looked at the place I didn't have my phone. Ah well. It had a ravine with two swimming pools and a pool table; table tennis and lots of old metal swings that most likely have been there the duration. Our unit was old but clean and complete with two bedrooms and two bathrooms; one with a tub, which I had planned to soak in this morning but completely forgot!!

We left the flat soon after and walked into town. It was all downhill knowing that the return would be all up was a bit daunting. We walked around looking at what the town had to offer. It was a bit disappointing as it was in need of a cleaning. I found the buildings dark and dingy. Not what we had been used to in Merida. Once at the Zocalo we found a few vendors and the palace. We stumbled upon the #3 restaurant right in front of the palace and decided with it being such a lovely evening to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere of the place.


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On our walk back home around 9pm we wandered along this pedestrian street where we came upon several old shops all being of Mexican enterprises. Not one single foreign one in site. It reminded me of our old days 30 years ago when we came to live here.

Check out the quinseaƱera dresses. (When the girls turn 15 they have a huge party, close to a wedding and some of the US "sweet 16"

Our next adventure was a drive to Taxco a little over an hour away in the hills. I realized that I had never been not that if I had been 30 years ago I would remember !!! Dara went once on a business trip many moons ago!

The narrow streets and lots of traffic make it rather interesting manoeuvring around so parking as soon as possible was done. As you climb the hill up you come upon this beautiful baroque church. Built in the 1600 and quite the interior as well.

The daunting task was to choose where to go to buy the silver I wanted. There are so many shops. The "Tiangus" is where the small guy sets up a stall. The selection here wasn't always what I wanted. I then came across a coop where I did find almost everything I was looking for. With a bit of bargaining we walked away happy on both sides. I still had one more item to find and so left Dara drinking a beer and went to another area and found in a Tiangus someone who was able to make what I wanted out of a bracelet and a necklace combine the two and add a few more balls for a necklace that is 66cm long and not clasp!


With money spent we decided to eat tlacoyas in the market made fresh in front of us and a guava water! We were delighted with the flavours as we had not had one of these delights in many years. (Not found in the Yucatan)


I realized that I had never been to Taxco before. I thought I had and just plain forgot but once I arrived there with Dara I would have certainly remembered such a wonderful place. It was a bit busier than I would have liked but that is the fault only of it being "Semana Santa" when there are many Mexicans on holidays! There was to be a special event that evening too so it had an added draw. This town built on a hill has a tremendous history. It goes back to colonial times and was a mining town. There are only a little over 52 thousand people living in this town. Tourism and silver is what has made this place famous. Silversmiths line the streets with their wares.

The city of Taxco lies on very rugged terrain and has steep, irregular streets. The streets are also narrow and generally lack sidewalks, making them picturesque but dangerous. Adding to the charm is that most streets are paved with dark stones, adorned with lines, pictures and even murals of white stone. Some of the pictures in the street are from the Zodiac and meant to indicate certain commercial activities in times past. One example of this is the sign of Taurus near the Church of Santa Prisca, which used to indicate the area of butcher shops. Buildings in the city typically have Spanish-style, red-tile roofs.


After a full day we were ready for our lovely evening planned at Victor Martinez home where we found his delightful wife and her sister Maria Teresa. There home is built in a lovely area with stone floors and shaped to wrap the hillside. A place to stay sometime next trip! It was a relaxing engaging evening with getting to know them better. The last time I saw the was in Banff at a Newbridge Sales boondoggle. I remember when Victor and Dara went off snowshoeing in -35C and returned with ice all over their beards. It was extremely cold days for our Olympic games being..


As planned we went to the Cusi homestead for a full day of relaxation and eating. Juana, Luis and their youngest Ana had waited for our arrival for a quick visit but had to return the Mexico for an apt. We got to meet the new additions to the family and were soo delighted with how it went. Seeing the new younger generation having fun in the pool and their parents watching over them brought me back to us with Brendan! The place is as relaxing as always

The two Andreas

Without a GPS I am not sure we would have been able to find our way there or even back. There are 5 valleys that converge into the city and mean a round about way to get places.

Arrived safely at my parents home and found them as we expected with all kinds of things for us to help them take care of! First off my mom helps some poor with an Easter hamper. Off we went to pick up 14 chickens from the local rotisserie place with included a helping of salad and some tortillas. This was added to the baskets we had prepared and off we went just handing them out randomly to locals in the "Viejo San Jose"; the poorest part of town. Once we had them all distributed we headed home. We too enjoyed one of these chickens.


Our time here has been busy with sorting out doctors appointments; barber shave; dentists and lawyers. It is a slow process but we are getting there. We will see about having dad's physio therapist come to the house.

These are just a few of the lovely grounds at my parents place
These eggs just appeared on the counter. There really is an Easter Bunny!

Hopefully we will have enough time to get all we need to do done. Time here is never enough for my mom but it is good to be here.

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Looks like you guys are having a blast... hugs for all.

by Alexis

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