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Week 12

Our last week in Yucatan

As we now start with the countdown in the Yucatan we know that some exciting things are about to start up in Chicxulub. There are Scientists gearing up to drill into ‘ground zero’ of the impact that killed the dinosaurs. http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/03/scientists-gear-drill-ground-zero-impact-killed-dinosaurs?utm_source=newsfromscience&utm_medium=facebook-text&utm_campaign=groundzero-2735


We hope that this will bring well needed money to the area and help with some things such as a secondary school in the village! They currently have to go to Progreso where there are three high schools. Why they built a research lab in the middle of no where and not near the village boggles the mind. Dara has sent an email to the author of the above article asking them to invest some of the millions into something in the village.

After a last ditch effort at the dentist for a cleaning for the two of us ($84 for two can't beat that); Dara and I took a walk up to get my new custom made shoes! With the weather being at 45C we took our time and ended up lunching at a nice little cafe nearby that I love so much

A coffee on the terrace of the loveliest Starbucks I have seen

A collection of buildings on our walk around!

This car is a working car believe it or not!

Dara enjoying his apple tart for desert

My shoes I love them!

The bus ride home

Every year for the last language conversation class we meet in Chixculub for a dinner at Carolinas and bumper car fun, at the local Easter Fair. We gathered around a long table and enjoyed turkey soup, empanadas, salubutes and panuchos. After a long discussion with (her name escapes me) About the cost of rent rising by so many when our dollar is not better against the US dollar. I tried to explain that we should be paying in pesos and not dollars as this is how it is done in Canada.


The last Muelle Market was quiet as was expected since a major exodus happened last Tuesday! There were still plenty of sales had by many. I think the produce vendors were the ones who didn't fair as well. I helped out the the Ladies of Chicxulub Cooperative with their booth! I managed to get a few sales with my walking around with items on me. I came away with two hats unsold! I will try and get them sold the next few weeks on my travels!


Celebration of St. Patrick's day at David's Restaurant was rather low key but very nice evening. We were placed at a table with some people we didn't know but soon got to know them. One couple had recently retired from Vancouver Island and sold everything to come and live here for 4 years, never having been here before. That is bold thing to do and I am not sure I could do it! They plan to stay 4 years and move on to another place for 4 years. Sounds like a great way to be! Another couple were also retired ( surprise surprise ) They spend 3 winter months away from Oakville but so far have not returned to the same place. This is the first one out of four that they are considering returning. There is something magical about this place that is hard to explain. It is by no means fancy or beautiful but the atmosphere of people around us seems to bring us back year after year!


Our good friends Denis and Louisette left to go back home. We slowly get to know them and are drawn more and more to them. We have more than just a friendship there is something spiritual going on too.


Don't they look lovely sitting there enjoying the afternoon

We celebrated the end of the season at a restaurant that only opens on the Palm Sunday weekend (start of the Semana Santa). the influx of 'Meridainos' is quite amazing! The streets of Progreso fill up and the traffic from Merida to the beach was noticeably heavier upon our return after our International Women's Club. This month we had a guest speaker talk to us about the History of the settlers of this area and how the city had been decided up. George the historian kept us quite enthralled with his information. He is quite passionate about the area. I had heard him speak 4 years ago in Progreso at the Library and enjoyed it as much as this. Luckily he covered a different part of the local history.

The Spanish that first settled here were not nobleman but rather commoners and therefore the King of Spain at the time decided to send someone over to put them in their place and not let them continue pretending to be nobles. They were forced to live within the city boundaries set by the king of a small area. The outside of these wall was where the Atztec Indians lived protecting what the Spaniards wanted to keep under wraps. The City had only two sides walled in for some reason the others were never built. Let's see that is about all this little mind can recollect today! Oh how I should have recorded it (thought about it but didn't have permission so didn't).

Another season of IWC has come to an end for me. It is a different outlet for me from the beach!

La Recova was were we decided to eat with some friends. We had been here two years agon and really enjoyed it. Everyone tonight wasn't quite as impressed as we had been in the past. I enjoyed it despite the rest! I do agree that the one in Merida called La RUEDA surpasses them by a long shot for quality and cost!


We had plans to eat lunch at our favorite fish restaurant with our landlord but that had to be cancelled as they aren't well so we shall see them on Monday to give them their deposit for next year! So with a new Norte upon us, I decided to start packing a day earlier in case we have better weather and less stressful. The weather continued to be windy and cool on our last day which is fine for packing but it is almost all done! Then what! Luckily friends have been stopping by to say goodbye and have a drink that helps kill the time.

Nasty weather keeping it cooler. But great for packing!

We ended our stay here with a drink with William and Sharon and finished it off lovely dinner and conversation with William. I made this great desert with a combination of what was in the house. A cup of vanilla ice cream, 2 soft bananas, 1c purée of mango and last but not least about a cup of natural unsweetened yogurt. I put all of this in the blender and then froze it. William said I could sell this for sure! It was delicious!

Woke to the Norte continuing and so unable to enjoy the morning breakfast on the terrace. All packed and ready for Gustavo to pick us up for the airport. Stay tuned for the next two weeks adventure!

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Wonderful summary of your week. Thank you for all the info...safe travels with your new ventures..
Do hope to see you in Ottawa...

Although I guess all being well you will be in Australia...

by Sharon reynolds

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