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Week 11

Winding down


It was so nice to have a relaxing day with the ocean inviting us in. There was a southerly wind keeping it quite hot. Hot enough for Dara to go into the pool. Not quite ready to go into the ocean. He says there are things in there that might touch him. He also says other things too but not going to repeat it in my clean blog! Use your imagination!!!


We have had four very hot days with me spending an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon with the lovely Louisette next door. Our time in the water is when she and I open up to each other about our lives! It has become a very special time for us!

One of our regular knitters; Barbara went into the bin of donated yarn and worked hard over the past few months making a ten stitch blanket for the seniors. Sharon was delighted with her work.


David had asked Dara about making an Irish stew for St. Patrick's day and invited us to come and taste it to see if it met with Dara's approval. It was delicious and just needed a few tweeks. Rather than a desert we were given a lovely Irish Coffee to finish off the meal. We look forward to celebrating the afternoon with everyone dressed in green. Stay tuned for an update next week on how it all goes!

Another trip into Merida for my hand made sandals and a walk around taking more photos of the lovely town


As we all approach departure due to Holy Week quickly approaching we start doing all those things we meant to do but haven't done yet! For us it was to go to a movie in the Platino (VIP) cinema with big comfy seats and beer served.

There is a skating rink inside the shopping Center where the cinema is

We returned home in time to watch the light show going on for over two hours and just sat on the wall mesmerizing by the beauty of it all. Tried to capture it with my iPhone as it is the best camera I have. Not sure how great they are but here goes!


Fewer euchre tables this week. With fewer and fewer people still around. It has been a great season in our new location. We made a few changes of ending at 3:30 and since we are just playing for fun to rotate every 20 min no matter whether the game if over. The changes seem to have been received very positively.

Saturday we woke up to a different morning with heavy rain and a northerly wind returning. Not quite what the party organizers were hoping for this afternoon. We decided to only go for the brunch at Natasha's and skip the big one put on by Barloventos Restaurant! The shrimp omelette with a side salad hit the spot! We met a lovely Canadian couple originally from Holland at a table with our wacky friend Suzanne and so we joined them for a lovely conversation; from books we are reading to shibori dyeing!

The weather continues to be hot and sunny. But laying about the house all day wasn't appealing anymore so off we went to visit Socorro and Doris to give them the tabs and cotton I had left over. Dara is a kids magnet and the little ones were stuck to him like glue! He taught them his favourite song " Pollito- Chicken". The one he had been taught over 30 years ago in Mexico City by a three year old Rafa! He found it on YouTube and played it for them. One little girl of almost 5 was mesmerized by it.

From here we jumped on one of the rickety buses outside their door and headed to Progreso.
The flat chickens were turning away in this heat. I stopped to watch them put another row of chickens with great difficulty as the heat was unbearable


We continued walking towards the Chocolate Pier as wanted to see how the beach where the whale is buried was doing.

No sign of anything here now!

Found them working on the second pier and Dara was mesmerized by the machines moving the piece of concrete into place.


A new tourist shopping centre has been built for the cruise ship passengers that is all set and ready but not open yet


A walk along the board walk is quite different on a hot weekend with everyone enjoying the day! The beach is a different scene from the weekdays. It will double in the next week when Holly Week starts and the kids are off school for two weeks. We are out of here just in time!


We finish off the week walking along the beach to to help with the preparing of bags for the Dispensa (foodbank) in Chicxulub. This is my last time of the season and will not be able to help with the distribution tomorrow but we did arrange for tortillas to be handed out in our absence.

A few random photos from a previous trip to Merida that I missed putting in

Street art is so nice to see notice the lamppost has been painted to match as well!!

Lastly a photo of a yellow jacaranda tree in bloom on Cupules Street near Reforma!

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