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Week Three

Arrival of El Norte with a huge change in weather!

We started off the week with such lovely weather as it had been since I arrived and this continued on Wednesday as well. Keep reading to see more details of how it all changed

On the 15th of every month from 11:00-12:00, the Chicxulub Food Bank distributes food to 88 families called La Dispensa. Normally when you arrive at 10:30 there is a long cue to the end of the block but today for some reason there were only about a dozen people. This was a surprise to all and Sharon even asked the question "This is the 15th right?" What had happened was the day before the government had come and handed out 100 grocery bags to the needy families and we wondered if they then thought this "Dispensa" was not happening this month. But it seems that the word spread that we were there and only 6 families didn't show up! If a family misses three months they are removed from the list. They also must bring their card or they don't get the food. It is the only way to have some control over the situation.
I had the pleasure of distributing the vitamins to the families with kids under 10: drops for the infants; liquid for the toddlers and pills for the older ones. One of the first little girls to come up with her mother was a 4 year old. I asked her her name but couldn't hear her shy voice, then she said it louder and to my delight she is Andrea; what are the chances. She was so delighted that we had the same name. All but 6 families showed up for their food and 2 that had missed their christmas hampers got them but there are still 2 more. Dara and I might help out Sharon by going to see what is happening with these 6 families, as if they miss 3 in a row they are removed from the list. It feels so good to be helping these lovely friendly people just a little bit. Last year Jean had taken pictures and she decided to print them up and put them on a board for them to see and take theirs home. Some of them never get to have a photo of themselves. Seeing their eyes light up at the receiving of this photo makes you realize how little they have.


This weeks Stitch Along had the same four people but a few more say they will be here next week. I would like to see it grow by at least a few more. It was still really nice chatting.

This evening we were invited to dine at Lorraine and Austin's home with their guest Nancy who is from Winfield BC, Debbie and Don from Newfoundland. What an simply delightful evening with such lovely people. The food preparation was shown by the caretaker who took them shopping for their goodies; we had sopes and chilles rellenos. The food was delicious. While sitting at the table suddenly we heard the wind start up. It was raining on our walk to the house but now it was coming down in buckets.
We called for a taxi to take us home as the rain was just coming down too hard to walk. When we got in to our house we found that the rain had come in through the top half of the window and covered the sofa and the TV with water.


This of course now means it doesn't want to work. the box for the cablemas that was only just bought for us will not start and the TV that we worked so hard to get them to provide us with an HD TV only on this past Monday (yes two days ago) will not work anymore. We left the fan on overnight to see if that helped. We mopped up all the water on the floor (filled a whole bucket)

The next day we tried the TV again and still not working. But I discovered how so much rain came in; the widow was coming away from the frame and was ready to come crashing on to the floor. We contacted the landlords right away and 30 min later there was someone here working on both items. As when I went to have a shower this morning there was no water. To make matters worse when I went to make tea there was no gas in the tank I had bought a week earlier. I had to hurry and get ready to sell my wares at the Muelle Market. So not being able to shower or have a cup of tea was not going over very well with me!! Poor Dara was having to deal with an irate woman!! LOL He was getting the caretaker to check the water while I was having a sponge bath! Off I left with my three bags over my shoulder and caught the bus. Due to this weather Nola had thought it best to cancel the event as she thought no one would show up. Someone told her to keep it on as it was advertised all over the place. I said to her with the cooler weather and no sun people would come by as they had nothing else to do! Well sure enough it was packed. Reunion time for so many people as the first weeks of Jan is when so many show up. There were 16 vendors and half of us were expats and the rest were Mexicans. A nice mix of different things found around the interior of Bamboo Beach. I found some things to buy of course. I did well selling enough to feed a family next year. Nola was so delighted with the numbers that showed up from all over the area, because of this she decided to increase the frequency to every other week. Ian and Sheila had arrived the night before and were full of piss and vinegar as always. Dara was meeting these crazy people for the first time and joined John and Maggie for breakfast at Panteleones. I will have to get busy over the next two weeks to make enough more coasters for the future markets. The new additions this year were popular: the wine glass sets sold out. I also had iPad covers along with matching iPhone covers too. I was busy making a second one in a less bright colour.


My purchases90_D7E464E42219AC6817CB43C4F94887D4.jpg

When we returned home we got someone in to fix the hot water heater and the window before it falls in. First the plomero shows up to fix the hot water heater but hasn't got the part. The Window guy then shows up and he doesn't have the parts to fix it or even the right size screws. Our caretaker has to go into town to buy the screw but this is only going to hold it in place till they show up tomorrow to fix it at 11am.

Smoked pork chops for dinner are in order. These are one of my favourites here. I have only found them once in Canada.

Well after waiting all day to see if the TV would miraculously work again we gave up and moved the DVD into the old bedroom TV. The owners have asked us to wait and see if it dried out enough to work again.!!!!

One thing after another. Lets see what happens next. It wouldn't be fun if all went well!!

By Friday the winds have died down a bit but not gone yet and the clouds are still hanging around with cold temps still lingering on. We waited all morning for someone to show up to do one of the repairs. Of course that never happened so after lunch we went for a walk to get out of the house. The caretakers went off to find another plumber to come and look at the hot waster tank and he came by to look at it and decide that there are two parts needed just as the other one determined too. He will be back "MaƱana" the problem with Manana is that it never comes!!!!

The seas have calmed down a bit!

Tonight is Fish and Chip night so called the old couples to find out if they were going there. I hope John will play some music tonight. Well John and Maggie didn't come tonight so we ate alone with Ian and Sheila but there were so many others there. Bev from next door and her guests were there. Suzanne and her husband were there along with Brin and Nola. But they didn't have a good meal experience. Their fish was under cooked. Ours was fine Dara and i shared the "todo frito" together. We also shared a banana split this time.

We got a ride home as Ian had picked up my Tommy Bahama chair at Costco today. We had them come in to see our home and have a drink with us and gab a bit longer.
I did a demo on my chair and they we well impressed with the way it goes right down flat.

Another great evening was enjoyed by Dara and I. He is seeing what it is about this place that appealed to me returning here again. I feel that I may just come again next year! It is a cheap enough a place to live and have a fun social life and no snow!!

Another delayed day today waiting for the workers to show up and of course just as we give up and are set to go for a walk one of them comes along. He looks at what needs to be done and goes away again!! Not long after he returns with a car full; his kids carrying the tool box and the ladder. It was done in a few minutes but the plumber was a different story. He needed to get a different part than he has and will not be back until Tuesday!!! LOL

By the time we managed to get away for our walk it had warmed up significantly. I was beach-combing for treasures the sea might have left behind. I was a bit disappointed but didn't return empty handed. Dara was not satisfied with the one hour walk and so he kept on trekking to Progreso.

David and Conchita were having an opening of their restaurant and some traditional dancing so I went along there and met Dara there. This place has a long way to go to be a restaurant but the evening went well. The dancers were terrific with even a little 4 year old making a best effort; my eyes were fixed on her.


The magaritas were flowing like water. They say they will be open in two weeks!! If they are it is only two blocks from our house so that will be great! Botanas (snacks) were to be brought by everyone and so when we ran out we just walked a block to OXO to buy more. I had made spaghetti sauce just before going to this event, to use on Sunday but decided to invite John Maggie; Ian Sheila and Diane to come over for an impromptu spaghetti dinner. On the way home was the bread truck so bought a few bollios (buns) to have with the dinner. Diane brought more pasta to use and the others brought some light beer knowing we don't drink that!!! LOL It was a great evening of laughs and all round fun. There is nothing like these spontaneous dinners.

Sunday is Symphony Orchestra Day in Merida, Ian and Sheila decided to join us and drove us into town. We went early to be sure to get tickets. There were only a couple of people in line as we got there just as it was to open at 10am but of course it wasn't open as why would you open when you say you would. We got our 4 tickets and I also bought two tickets for a March concert, hoping to find someone who would come with me then. I may have a guest staying with me at that time? We had some to kill before the concert started so Sheila and I went around the square looking at the vendors and their wares. I made note of the things I like and even took photos to know what they were. I love talking to the vendors about their work and what I like about their creations. I will be back!


The symphony was lovely! In celebration of the 200 years of Verdi and Wagner the Orquestra Sinfonica de Yucatan played for us the following: Giuseppe Verdi - Obertura la Fuerza del Destino; Obertura La Vispera Siciliana and Prludio al acto 1 de la Traviata. Followed by Richard Wagner - Obertura Rienzi. After intermission they continued with more wonderful music Verdi's - Obertura Nabucco followed by Wagner's Preludio al acto 1 de Lohengrin; Preludio al acto III de Lohengrin and finished with Obertura El Holandes Errante!!!

As always the 'sinfonia' is followed by lunch. We went to Ian and Sheila's favourite pizza place; it was ok but I am not sure I would return. I am fussy about my pizza and it was not to my standards. Last year I met a couple from Texas who had moved down to live in Merida; they bought a house in ruins and were renovating it. After a year of hard work on all parts it is now finished and I got in touch with them to see what they had accomplished. The four of us walked on over to their home on 70 y 55. They have two very spacious and modern apartments that they rent out for $30/ night. I will have to keep that in mind!
All very nicely done with lovely bathrooms with pressure showers!! Wouldn't that be a treat. The kitchen had all lovely dark wood built in cabinets and so did the bathrooms. They have a nice sitting area and bar outside in the garage with a nice pool that has a rock fountain. The painter did some lovely murals to accent the walls in this area. The stairs going up to the two appt are the foundation for the rock waterfall. I didn't have my camera to take photos!!!!!!! and my phone was dead LOL

this morning's sky and calm water

I say I can't believe how long it is taking to get our hot water tank fixed, but this is Mexico where things are rarely done with one try or in a day!! I was fed up with cold showers so went for a walk to Progreso along the beach. The tide was coming up by this time and so I walked along the road. Today being "Cruise ship Day" there were vendors along the Malecon. I walked by watching the crazy tourists playing voleyball on the beach. It reminded me of last year when they were still working on the new Malecon and workers had stopped working to watch this young lady with barely nothing covering her body. I had a good giggle! I discovered they were now working on the extension under the pier to connect to the other side where there is another Malecon.

I am pleased to tell you that we now have hot water and the old TV has returned to the table and the HD TV taken away for repairs. I won't hold my breath that it will return.

Stay tuned for more adventures

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