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Week three

Food Bank and Merida


This week our focus was on the foodbank. Dara ventured for the first time to help with the filling of the bags as I was back in Merida for another dental visit! On the 14th of the month volunteers show up at 10am and fill the new blue donated reuse able bags with the same food every month. Bottle of oil, beans, rice, sugar, cookies, powdered milk, salt, pasta, and a bag of laundry soap.
Yesterday Dara managed to get to help fill the bags for the Chix Food Bank, while I was in Merida at a dentist appt. 62 families came by for their bags that are now a cloth bag that Karen Parsons brother donated. Each family is to bring their bag back empty and are given a full bag. They have to return home for their bag if they forgot it. This was really good as seeing those plastic grocery bags going out every month was not great.


A walk into Chicxulub along the beach, with the Hum gang was in order today and what else we love to do is have two Panuchos each with chicken and a large glass of oj and carrot juice! What could be better!


On our walk home along the road, we made a new discovery, since last year, on the wall of one side of the street Is some incredible street art. It was too funny how Dara and Andy were walking ahead of us and never even noticed this art work, and to make things even worse was Dara had walked this road several times already. This confirms that men just don't observe their surroundings!!!!


What I love about sitting out on our patio is anything can happen to go by. This week it was the sudden arrival of these fishermen bringing their huge catch in to someone on shore. I got up to take photos only to discover our caretaker Tony was buying them all. Maybe they will bring us some fried fish for dinner!!!!


During the night we were woken by a sudden "Norte" and had to batten down the hatches. With this wind you really can't sit outside on your deck and luckily we had plans to go into Merida with our friends Ian and Sheila, to the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra for its opening performance for the 12th year. It was packed with 75% grey haired expats and the rest Mexican nationals. The Mexicans usually attend the Friday night performance, but that is at 9pm and makes for an impossible return to the beach as the buses stop at 10pm.

We were entertained with some incredible pieces and they did a wonderful job. They initiated there season with walses and overtures of two composers Austrian and the Franco-German Jacques Offenbach with the " Life is Beautiful" also known as the 'Can-can' Followed by the Arlesian Suite by BIzet with the Blue Danube by Strauss to finish it off. It was quite an exuberant 2 hours. Everyone including the musicians seemed to have a great time.

Inside the Teatro Peon Contreras

Santa Lucia Square with the weekly Sunday dancing

Sunday's is the big Artesean market day in Merida in the Grand Plaza. The square has two rows around the square of vendors. I just love looking at what they have to offer. I found myseld a new larger brim 'Panama hat'. Along with a few necklaces out of coconut shells and one with tawa beads (from Peru). I went looking for a black necklace and a coconut shell and found this dyed black coconut shell that I just love. I also had come across some jewelry the other day that I loved but was too expensive so I thought I would see if anyone in the market would have them. This Tawa or Tagua seed along with another that I can't remember the name! [ Tagua : The Queen of all nuts, known as ivory nut or vegetable ivory (a sustainable alternative to animal ivory).Originally grows in the tropical rainforest of northern Ecuador but can be found in other parts of South America as well.
Actually grows on a palm tree (Phytelephas Macrocarpa), the nuts is a dried seedpod of the palm, that is called vegetable ivory.]


After a long day in Merida we caught the bus back to Progreso and Dara was asleep in a matter of seconds!

My day didn't end so well with a bout of food poisoning from some mayo dressing I had saved from an open packet. That is all I can think it was as Dara ate the same salad but didn't have the dressing. Oh what a night. I was exhausted and took yesterday easy and relaxed knitting and binge TV watching onNetflix!

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