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At times I can't believe we have been here this long and other times it seems I have been here for ages. My stay on the beach is fast approaching the end. Preparations are being done by Alexis as to where and what we should see on our trip to the interior. I am pretty much leaving it up to her to do all the research and I shall go along with whatever. Richard, who knows the area well, has said to come on by with a notebook to get his input. 

I had another visit to the dentist as I had to have a root canal through his lovely new crown. He brought in a specialist to work in his office so that he could watch over. After two hours of open mouth and one dentist taking turns after the other and changing chairs back and forth I was tired. I didn't feel all that well on the way home on the bus so upon arrival instead of lunch I went straight to bed; something I rarely do. I slept for 2 hrs and yet still manage to go to bed early! My jaw was sore from being open for so long but all is done and I am please with the outcome. If I feel the need for a new crown he will do that on the house!! Let me tell you the cost for that dental visit was only 1300pesos that translated into Canadian dollars is a measly $110 yes you heard that right there are no zeros missing there. He told me I got a 50% discount because I have recommended so many people. Even if I had paid the 100% I would still have paid a fraction of what it costs at home; oh and he threw in a cleaning to the mix on the house! Now you can understand why coming here for your dental work makes sense. 

Here is the lovely shrug my Mexican friend put together with my flowers I made 20 years ago! I am so pleased I brought it down here to complete!

Friday I was invited along with some friends to Merida to watch the Pok ta Pok (the mayan ball game) first we went for dinner at Panchos (a tourist spot for Mexican food that is quite nice) I am not one to frequent these spots as I find them more expensive. They are popular with Mexicans and Tourists but I have my favourites. I have to say though that the atmosphere here is lovely and sitting on the rooftop with the view of the cathedral is really nice; not to mention the Mayan Coffee show! (my pics didn't turn out so these were found online!)


Off to the ball game after dinner; we should have left earlier as finding a decent seat wasn't easy. The one thing I find about living here is how much there is to see and do. You could be busy every night if you wanted to. In Merida it can be a overwhelmed by how much there is to see and do. There is a free cultural or family activity every day of the week, but this was one I had not seen year: the ceremonial ball game played by the ancient Mayans, Pok ta Pok. The city offers visitors and locals alike a chance to see the game played every Friday night and so I was glad to get a chance to see it before I left. I wish Dara had known about it before he left. Just another thing on my list to do with him next year! I think next year I would like to stay in Merida a few days to see more what it is like through a few of the nights. There are so many places to stay at such a reasonable price. 
Instead of the more traditional ball court seen by friends in Palenque and elsewhere; this game takes place right in the middle of Calle 60, in the Plaza Grande in front of the Cathedral, which is closed off to traffic for the evening. The event starts with Mayan rituals of prayer and incense. The game itself is pretty intense with each team using their hips and legs to try and hit the ball past the other team. For especially skillful shots, players aim to send the ball through an elevated hoop. The players definitely had no easy task, flinging themselves onto the street with only leather pads to protect their hips and legs.


The large ball is traditionally made from rubber and we enjoyed watching the players skillfully bounce it into the air and at one another. For the final match the players parted with tradition and brought in a whole new ball. We watched in awe as they lit the ball on fire and used their bare hands to pass the fireball! 


You can't visit us here without a weekend dinner out at our favourite fish restaurant; so with Bonnie and Len here from Ottawa staying with the Hums they invited me along to walk the beach to Chicxulub. There was no disappointment there. 



In the afternoon I had a lovely visit with Claudia by the pool and this lovely picture of horse riders arrived:


We were relaxing and enjoying it until the wind died and then the rain came straight down!


So when my friends Catherine and Rainer asked me to join them again on Sunday after my working at the Foodbank how could I refuse. It was certainly a lot busier than the night before as Sundays are really family day and with it being a long weekend there are that many more down on the beach! No Jaguars or Mercedes today! We ate a different fish from the usual grouper but I can't remember the name. It was slimmer but just as tasty! The line ups of people buying the fish and taking it home was probably the longest I have seen in awhile! 


Spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool with the new grandparents; Rainer's son just had a baby girl and FaceTime was certainly in order! 
With my quiet week I managed to finish my sweater shawl and start on my complicated cardigan 


I heard from Dara and he is doing well. He has had some tough days but all good! 

Well we should finish off with HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL MY IRISH FAMILY AND FRIENDS and those of you who wish you were Irish! Slante! Missing Dara! 

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Interesting to attend the Mayan ball game....that would have been really interesting to see. Sounds like life continues in its lovely way! Enjoy the rest of your stay.

by Jean

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