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Back in Mexico to escape the snow

First week on my own

semi-overcast 29 °C

This year Alexis decided to go to Hong Kong with Andy, as he was able to work there. I was not sure what I would do. I knew that I didn't want to stay home for the winter months. So in September I contacted my friend Sharon who runs the food bank to see what was available. She found me two places available one in her row of town houses and the other next door. I chose the one next door with it was a bungalow and therefore no stairs since my parents coming here to visit me this year. Sharon put me in touch with the landlords directly since I speak spanish. She sent me photos and I grabbed it right away.

Dara said he would join me for part of the time here. I got in touch with friends to let them know I had several bedrooms if they wanted to join me.
I booked my tickets and then waited to see who was going to come down. Dara then booked his flights and will spend 6 weeks with me along with my parents will spend 16 days in that time frame.

I chose to return here because I really enjoyed my time here last year. It is very laid back and a nice social life with other Canadians you would unlikely meet otherwise. What surprised me last year was the fact that not everyone was over 65 and there were others in my age bracket. They too have chosen to retire earlier on. While enjoying ourselves there is also the opportunity to volunteer to the small local community. Ever since I left there last year I have been working towards raising funds for the Chicxulub Food bank. I sold knitted items and my crochets coasters. I will now continue selling coasters so as to continue funding my three families

The attraction here is also the lack of resorts and a more local flair. I also like the fact that there is a bigger city closeby: Merida where there is all the stores I will need plus since the town is 470 years old so it has a lot of history; and cultural activities not meant for tourists.

My flight here didn't go as well as I had hoped but that is what it is. In my attempt to rush off the plane and get the 10:30 bus i stressed myself out and was forced to slow down when the red button was pushed. I had not had this happen to me in years. It would be unusual for everything to go in Mexico to go without a hitch. I should have taken the time to just relax upon my arrival and wait for the direct bus from the airport. I dragged three bags to Cancun Station. I only got there 30min faster in the end. I told Dara to not follow my crazyness and wait for the bus at the airport.
I had booked a car with Hertz and so thought it best to get there sooner but because I was late they gave my car away.

I arrived to my new home away from home at 6:30 only 1 hr late. But without all my groceries I thought I would have done by now.


I was so excited to be back here that rather than unpack I drove over to my old Condo to see my friends there. It was like being home again. John had made sure to have my favourite beer in the fridge just for me. These are real friends. Catching up at what is happening around the place is great! I really feel loved here. On my way home I made another stop at my friend Brin's house knowing she is up late. I invited her along to shop in Merida knowing she doesn't get to go very often.

Since I had the car till 5:30 I invited friends to go with me to Merida for some shopping. If you had seen us you would think that I was never going to be able to shop again!! We were filled to the roof of the car. with three friends squished in with bags all around us!!

I also needed to find my favourite beer to supply my home with as it is only available at this time of the year. After going all over town for the beer I found it only two blocks from my home.

Carole was in town at our dentist with her sister Lucy, close to where I had to return my car. Just as I got into the car I noticed walking along the sidewalk this Mexican woman I had met last year. There is an interesting story that goes with this woman, whom I can't rememeber her name. I have to add something very odd. Last year Alexis and I met this lovely lady at Brin's home and had a lovely time talking with her. When we left on our last weeks adventure exploring the Yucatan, we stopped in a village to see the ruins that are right in the town square. It is the first stop on the 'Ruta Puc" well we were at the market and lo and behold there she was. Not sure of her name; and then drove her home with all her things. We were pressed for time so were unable to go into her home, which I regret not doing. Anyway that is the past and move on, I met up with Carole and Lucie, at the Fiesta Americana and got a ride home with them. But as we were pulling away on the Paseo Montejo I spotted this same ladie walking along the sidewalk. I opened the window and shouted hello. I just could not believe how I bumped into her again but in the big city!!!! There is something there!! Need to explore what that is! Apparently she is about to become a grandmother and so I will make a baby sweater set for her.

Check out my new digs!

Here is my first morning view from my patio

View looking towards Progresso:


View of the beach looking towards Chicxulub


My neighbours


looking from the beach to my bungalow:

The house was bigger than I thought and so that was a real delight. They showed me around and explained this and that to me and then headed home to Merida!!


A few more photos of the house:

Kitchen views

Master bedroom and bathroom

Dara's den

Carport from the front door


Two guest rooms for all my friends and family

I am so glad to be back here. One of the things I really loved to do was walk into Chicxulub town along the beach to get fresh squeezed OJ. So I texted my friends to join me for my quest. It is such a pleasant walk along the beach where you don't come across anyone else except for a few fisherman tending to their boats. All along the walk are houses owned by rich Meridian people who use these in the same way as we do cottages. There are some that rent them out to Gringos like myself who want to get away from the snow. The request you leave at Easter so they can come for their 2 week "Semana Santa" This year it is the last week of March forcing us to return to our winte weather too soon
It is nice to be remembered not only by fellow Canadians, but the local Mexicans: the market guy; the juice man and other stores.

Fridays is often spent at Natasha's (aka Restaurant Panteleon) She is open for breakfast everyday and Friday nights there is a choice of fish and chips; todo frito which is f&c too plus shrimp and onion rings. Usually this place is hopping but tonight there were only 5 tables of people. There seems to be more competition with others doing a Friday night deal too. The nice thing is this place is only two blocks away. That will be good when my parents are here!

Who wouldn't want to have this as my morning view from their patio every morning


Sharon came by to buy a few of my extra items from Costco. While sitting on my patio and catching up what is going on around here she happen to mention that she really needed more volunteers for her fashion show on Tuesday. I jumped in without really thinking about this clearly. They were heading to Merida in an hour to try on and choose the clothes for the fashion show. I took one look at the rest of the women and felt fine about how I look. We are all shapes and sizes. There was one particular person who just looked great in anything she tried on. It is not fair. I mentioned to Olga that the capri pants I had purchased last year ended up with holes after one wear each. She told me to return them to her for an exchange. I really appreciated this so contacted Dara to bring them down as I had of course forgotten to.

On that note I have been sending an email everyday of this and that, forgotten at home. This surely is the best way to do this; have Dara come a week later with all that you notice you need. It is hard to know what is missing in the home you have rented. So many people who return year after year have storage boxes full of their things. I might consider that if I return here again.

It will be really interesting to see how this fashion show goes after the massive confusion during rehearsal. LOL

Before I forget and leave it out again. There is this lovely fish restaurant only open on weekends; that the Meridians love to drive in to eat. It has the delicious pescado frito and coconut shrimp to die for. Last week on Sunday the Villa Del Mar gang joined me on my walk into the village of Chicxulub for a fish lunch. I had already had fish two days in a row and so chose to have the coconut shrimp as did Maggie, and Janet. John with his dislike to coconut chose a spicy shrimp dish which he tried to share with everyone as it seemed he had too much. I think his was a better shrimp value. Carole was the only one to get the pescado frito and we all eyed it wishing we had ordered it too. Not to worry I will certainly get it when I return with Dara.

My evenings are spent relaxed by on the patio listening to the waves crashing and the nice breeze keeping the mosquitos at bay! (only got bit the first night)

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Sounds wonderful...brings back good memories! I will have to go back there for a winter again sometime. Hope the fashion show goes well...have a dip in the sea for me!!!!

by hermanita

I think this house I have now would be perfect for the four of us. The front den can be for the men to work on their computer work and there is still another guest room for any company.

by OhUiginn

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