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Week Three

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Week Three

The departure of the Frenchies was sad as they were such a lively bunch. I offered to help a friend go to Telcel and get a sim card for her ipad so now that I had no guests we met up after my dentist in the centro. It was a hot enough day now that they had left so a nice refreshing sorbet was in order. We headed to the Telcel only to discover when we got there that her ipad didn't have a slot for one. All this for nothing. Luckily I needed a few things from the Electronic Center across the street. We headed to Santa Lucia Square for lunch but I quickly remembered that there was a lovely little spot nearby that is not open on Sundays. I made a quick stop at the Teatro de Peon Contreras for tickets to a symphony. I only found one that interests me so bought three tickets with the hope Andy might like to go.

Our first time at Natasha's restaurant Pantaleones found us this week. The whole table chose to share a plate of fish and chips between each couple it was rather amusing. The soup starter was lovely.

Second week of bitch and stitch saw only 5 people. Two lovely ladies who were there last week didn't come but two different ones showed up instead. We decided to make it 9-12 and extra hour of bitchen seems to be in order along with that much more stitchen!! Another cruise ship day brought me in to town to check things out but really have no need of anything from there this year! I picked up another of the Indian tie dye dresses that I love to wear in the morning on my way home on Tuesday at the second market beside the bus depot. I am all set!

I awoke this morning early to a cool morning at 5:15 tried to get back to sleep for an hour and gave up once the light was there; came outside to find the calm seas since our arrival and fog. I can only see two houses away. The pier has disappeared. Last night my temporary crown fell out and so I need to get back into town to get that glued back. So much for seeing the families I sponsor; Dara will have to give them their bags of goodies. I made it back in time to hand out two of the bags to my families but Dara missed one early on but so did all the others. It is quite different at Mamma Mias but still very good. I have to say their pizzas are very good and I will eat there again. Sharon likes to encourage us to stay after to give back to their generosity of allowing the Food bank to sort and distribute from their premises.

Dara buying the tortillas

giving of the bags to one of our families

Jackie handing out vitamins (she took my job)

another family getting a gift from us

Dara waiting to give a gift bag to the last family but we missed them!

Sundays are family day and the evidence is quite apparent on the beach many venture from the big city to spend it on the beach. Very few tourists or gringos are evident. So Dara and I checked out the new Mayan restaurant with friends before we headed for a walk along the malecon and the pier the runs beside the big shipping one. It is a mere fraction of it's mate.


The Municipal Police gathered us at the Cultural centre this morning to talk to us about safety in the area. There had been a few break ins recently and they wanted to reasure us they were doing everything they can to stop this One they arrested the person yesterday in Merida trying to sell the TVs he has stolen last week. Dara felt he got more out of the last 10 min of talking directly to the head of the Police after everyone had left. Wandered around the streets of Progreso eating a "lechon torta" and checking out the local second hand store where I scored a lovely linen pair of shorts for 4$ But in reality they cost me 125$ as on this walk i lost my new christmas present of the Garmin fitness watch. I will see if I actually lost it in the store tomorrow and if so I will be happy.

looking back at who arrived later at the meeting. Quite the turn out


Met up with our friends Catherine and Rainer for a wonderful evening at Eladios. It was supposed to be just a drink but with the botanas (tapas) they brought us filled us up so that we didn't need dinner. They really are famous for them, all the way to my Mexican friends in Cabo, but not on cruise-ship day! It was a bit disappointing when we went to this little cafe for coffee that we had discovered last year with Alexis. They were only able to bring one coffee at a time and so by the time it was for my red velvet cappuccino I gave up. So our night continued with drinks at Sol y Mar


With the hopes of finding my Garmin watch I ventured into town; but at 10am they were not open so I thought I would go for a nice hot cappuccino and watch the boat people come in off the buses! The local restaurants clamour their way to try and entice the tourists to come and drink their 1$ mini coronas and free tequila! It is amusing to hear them calling out to them to choose their restaurant over another one right beside one another! I took another gander over to the shop via a juice bar for the delicious fresh squeezed carrot and orange juice for 2$. But their was still no one to be found at the store. I then thought I would take this opportunity to go begging to a few local restaurants for gift certificates for the Food bank raffle. I managed to get three to commit but have to return for them later. One more try after walking 10 blocks to return only to find out that they have gone on vacation for two weeks but someone might be there later tonight.


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