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Walking into Chicxulub with Alexis to the bingo at Mamma Mia restaurant we stumbled upon this flock of birds trying to get whatever they could from the local fishermen as they clean their fish!

birds on the beach waiting for the bits the fishermen throw at them as they cut up their fish!

I am proud to say I won my second ever bingo game. My enthusiasm was heard throughout the hall; it was a fun way to spend the afternoon all the while 6000pesos ($500) was raise for the foodbank; which will be used for the students field trip to the Science Centre. I will also be contributing to this with the sale of my hats back in Canada. Once I got here I added some fishing line to the rim of my hats to hold it out more so that some of them aren't as floppy I hope will help them sell better at the "Muelle Market" this week. I don't understand why they aren't selling like crazy as I managed to sell several of them at home. Here everyone should be wearing a hat and they don't fly off when there is wind walking on the beach. Alexis and I are the only one wearing and loving them.

My winning face!!

sereral of these hats now have fishing line along the edge!

Awaking to another morning of fog has such a eery feeling to it. The not seeing what you normally see everyday! I guess it would be worse if I couldn't see my neighbours but that isn't the case.

I will be glad when my visits to the dentist are done. This last one was really tough having four instruments in my mouth at one time made me rather uncomfortable. It seems like they were drilling for gold. They were close but the gold is found on the two molars on bottom not the top!

Vanan and David are getting close to their departure from here. We gathered for dinner to prepare them for their journey home. They have thoroughly enjoyed discovering what it is we love so much about this area of Mexico. Having never been to Mexico they had a bit of an adjustment when the first arrived but this quickly changed as they relaxed in the pool or floated in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is fun to listen to them with their first experiences here in this lovely place. (Our first visit goes back a long way to 1981 and we have probably been here 15 times since plus a 3 year stay) I think we may be seeing them here again next year for a longer visit??? This place tends to grow on you.
Stories that flowed at this party will stay at this party!!

Dara and Maggie having a chat about life.

I first started playing Euchre down here 4 years ago with John and Maggie and have continued to join the Canadians at Marmex most Fridays. I never play it at home so when I come down I am a bit rusty and make stupid mistakes; when I do that it helps to be playing with people who don't take it too seriously.

El Faro Restaurant is celebrating year two of being open with a pig roast. and music. It is a tribute to how Ron treats his staff to see the same meseros working here since he opened.

the local saxaphone playing some lovely jazz

quite the turn out for this party

checking to make sure the pig is being prepared right!

Diane and Andy sharing emails!

I prefered my lay on my head!!

It was wonderful seeing my friend Catherine's mother Marie-Claire, as the last time I saw her was in Toronto when I was still nursing Sheena. She is still her classy self and able to kick up her heals on the dance floor at 82.

Catherine's lovely mother Marie-Claire

When the door prizes were being drawn we asked Dara what names he put on our tickets (6 of them) there was a pretty good chance he would win as they were his name only! I guess since he picked up the tickets he should have his name!! Sure enough he won and the minute I saw that his prize was a pair of shorts I said to everyone: " watch he will put them on his head" He kept them there even when we left to take the bus home and serenaded this poor young Mexican girl when I mentioned that he was a "payaso" (clown) Not sure how many of you know the "Soy un Payaso" song!!

Yes this is the man I am married to!!

Our social life while down here is so much busier than it ever is at home. Eating out here is not expensive and getting together with our friends here is such a delightful time.

I wasn't sure if I was going to attend the day of remembrance for Rena at Marmex hotel. I didn't know her all that well but always enjoyed myself when she was around. Her strong Scotish brogue always knew it was her talking nearby. Dressed always in white and smiling with us all was such a delight. She will be missed around here. The turn out for this classy lady was phenomenal! She would have been delighted. I as did many dressed in white in her honour!

Thats all for this week! Stay tuned to next week when the fashion show is on! And YES I am in it again this year. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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