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Not only did this week find me alone but with 5 days of Norte and some rain keeping me couped up in the house!!

This morning when the alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 4am it hit me that my parents were leaving here. I had mixed feelings. I have never lived in the same town as they since I left home. Consequently I see them in spurts and this isn't the easiest way to maintain a relationship. I know my mom agrees that it would be much better if we could see one another from time to time rather than in each others pockets for 2-3 weeks at one time. I have to say that I didn't get too frustrated as I guess I was not in my own home either. We each have our own way of doing things and I know my mom was very aware of this and did her best to not stir anything up. I love her dearly for this.
It even seemed my father was quite happy here too. He developed his own little routine of getting up having his coffee (which my mother made sure was ready for him) outside on the patio. Then off to get his breakfast checking first to what he was allowed to have that day!! Some days when we were out he was in heaven as he could do as he wanted!! LOL He would have his second cup of coffee and no more. Sitting on the lounge chair and looking out at the ocean and watching the birds placed him in another world of peace. Going out with us was not ideal as it usually meant an early departure, which had to be to beat the heat. That then gave him an excuse as he said to rest his eyes as he suffers from macular degeneration. Then he would get up looking for his lunch. After thatIt would be back to his
lounge chair until his eyes bothered him again and then another nap. like an alarm clock at 4:30 it was vodka martini time over at the wall just prior to the beautiful sunset On occasion he would take a dip in the pool. In hi own way, he was happy

Last night at one point mother cried as she wishes she would want to come to this side of Mexico as she feels I will never go there to visit them anymore. It isn't that I dislike Los Cabos what is there not to like? It is that there isn't as much to do and see.

A new Norte has arrived at 7:20am waking me with its noise. I closed a few windows and went back to bed to read!

Later on in the day Ian, Sheila and I had plans to go into Merida for dinner and watch the dancing in Parque de Santiago. We weren't sure where to go and eat as I had neglected to do the research planned so we just drove along the Paseo Montejo to see what struck our fancy. I had always wondered what the Cubaro Restaurant was like so we decided this would be a good spot for our meal. The location is spectacular with the outside table facing the Monument a la Patria or Bandera!! ( Monument to the Patriot or the Flag!) It certainly felt very European. The presentation of the food was exquisite , well worth photographing, thus see below.


I was surprised at the end of our meal that my lovely friends Ian and Sheila were treating me to my dinner! From here we drove over to the Parque Santiago, since it was already 8:40 this meant finding a seat might be a difficult task as it was packed with dancers and observers. We were of course the latter. I didn't want to make a fool of myself on the dance floor. It was great to see so many of the same dancers here: pocket pal was there with his lady friend or wife not sure as they always look so angry! the couple with the straw hat that we admired last year at Santa Lucia park were here but this time he donned a black leather hat. We took the time to talk to them again telling them how much we enjoyed watching their skilled dancing, I even asked them if they remembered me telling them this last year with Alexis! She did but as usual the male species aren't quite as observant as the female!!! LOL
There was another couple who never said a word to each other and danced all night long. He in his guayabera shirt and her in her huipil; they danced and danced in front of us never saying a word or cracking a smile, not for lack of trying on my part!!


Below is the video of a dance. Check out the couple in the foreground and the gringo on the right with the white shirt. You will see the woman walking over to find him and dance with him as she did quite a few times. I guess she liked his dancing too!


The music stops promptly at 10pm and everyone disburses to their homes again, some will be back next week or even to the Thursday night dancing in Santa Lucia. I must say as the days get warmer evening dancing I am sure will be more popular than the afternoons Sundays. I expected big band music but it turned out to be very similar to the ones we heard before except there was a big brass section to the band. Watching the paso doble dancing is quite something. For those who aren't familiar with it, is is one of the most dramatic of all the Latin dances, "the Paso Doble is a progressive dance. In the Paso Doble, dancers take strong steps forward with the heels, and incorporate artistic hand movements. The forward steps, or walks, should be strong and proud. The man should also incorporate apel, a move in which he strongly stamps his foot, much like a matador strikes the ground in order to capture the attention of the bull. All moves of the Paso Doble should be sharp and quick, with the chest and head held high to represent arogance and dignity." I did see some really good dancers and it was hard to stop watching their foot movements. There was no one that quite fit the bill as seen on "Dancing with the Stars" or "So you think you can dance?" I thoroughly enjoyed watching them

A couple of houses near the Santiago Square

Wednesday is bitch and stitch day! But since I knew only one person was coming I thought it best to not do this and go into Merida! Like I haven't been in there much!!! Ha! !Luckily Jackie is usually keen to do anything! So off we went to Merida where our first port of call was Olga's dress shop. Here we had the full collection to try on and not just the few items she brings in to Bamboo Beach on Thursday. I of course found some things to buy. I really love the Dunes line of stuff. It looks good on and feels good as well. So chaching!!! NOT sure if that is the correct word) Still had before having to return my car to Hertz so off we went exploring the "Everything Store" on the big boulevard with a quick stop at Hennessy Pub to purchase murder mystery tickets!! Look for that update next week!
This ES is quite something. It is so full you can barely move. I did buy a few items and will be back again to riffle through more items. I would hate to have to do inventory here! I am sure they never do and have no idea how much stuff they actually have!!
Once we returned the car and I stopped crying we grabbed a cab to have lunch at this Creperie, only to find out that they no longer do crepes and only teach French!!! They did recommend this Cafe Club place only half a block away. To our delight it was really great. I would return here anytime for a lovely panini or a dinner special for 85 pesos. Soup meal and desert for 7$ can't be beat!!


Café Club is a relaxed little daytime spot that serves quality breakfast, lunch and dinner at moderate prices in its two dining rooms and outdoor patio near Santa Lucia Park. On a typical day, you might see local business people having a meeting over coffee at the tablecloth-covered wrought iron tables, workers from a local hotel on their lunch break, or breakfasting out-of-towners staying across the street at popular Luz en Yucatan. Café Club is a good choice if you have a vegetarian in your group: breakfast options include granola with yoghurt and honey or a seasonal fruit salad. At lunch, soy burgers or enchiladas are available. Daily specials can be vegetarian or meat and include vegetable stew, seafood or chicken main dish with soup, bread and butter, a side dish, and salad for MX$85-90/US$8.50-9. The dining room's high walls are painted cool white and display a variety of small art works. Once we were finished our delicious paninis we headed to the corner two streets away 64 and 55, to catch our bus home

Sharon spotted me back home and came over to discuss a few ideas she had come up with. One was to start an advance english class next year for adults and kids and wondered if Dara and I might be interested. Then she thought of another way I could help her immediately and that was to take over her Mon and Wed class from 7-8pm while her son is visiting for three weeks. There go my evenings. I sat in on the class to see what it was like; they sit around in a circle and each takes à turnïû presenting something. This night they all presented themselves to me. The expats speak in Spanish and the Mexicans speak in English. We then correct one another as we go along. Quite informal and seems like fun. If one is caught speaking the wrong language they have to put 5 pesos into the jar which is used for a party at the end of the season!

I really am not sure I am cut out for this job but we shall see. I asked them to come up with ideas for what they want us to cover next week. I thought I would be starting this after Sharon's son arrives but she dropped me right into this and said I was taking over as of Monday at my house!! That is a whole week earlier!

Spent the day alone and inside as the Norte has stayed on! I enjoyed my time alone but that isn't something I like to do for long! So when I woke to find it still going on for the fourth day I was not that happy! I need to see people and no one is walking by the beach either! I guess Euchre it is for this afternoon! I had the best Euchre I have ever played. I even went alone and won us the game with the 4 points!!! Fun was had by all three tables. I guess I am ready to play the game with my kids when I get home!!

After playing cards I heard there was an event at Bamboo beach presenting the winner of the project to girls from the two elementary school in Chicxulub. The first prize was a bike. Carmita was the judge along with English teachers. the girls had to create a project depecting the history of the town and write their essay presentation of their project. The winner was the key was she had obviously interviewed her grandparents to ask them how the town used to be. It was lovely to hear Carmita telling the girls that they needed to be proud of their town as these Canadian people we so proud of being from Canada but were happy to be in their town. They needed to be proud of being from Chicxulub and being from Yucatan and Mexico.
If was lovely to participate in a local event amongst the kids of the town. Here is where the two countries come together. Some of the Canadians volunteer every week to teach these children in the two school english in grades 5 and 6. l think I might look into helping out next year!

There was supposed to be a photo here but can't upload it!!

Woke to the 5th day of this Norte but as the day progressed there is some sun coming through. The temp has not gone up all that much to 22C There is promise of sun for tomorrow and no wind. It will be a nice break.

Despite the wind I decided to get my act together and go into town and walk around to se if I knew anyone Ienjoyed my tranquility in town, taking a. stroll along the Malecon (board walk) and sipping my usual limonada! As I sat on the beach sipping my limeade I could see in the distance several yellow shirts in the water with red things. Wondering what or who they were I walked along the beach to check it out. They were lifesaver students practicing how to save one another. Let's hope they learn to save others too!! The real board walk is complete but not open to pedestrians yet!! Not sure why not???

Life saving course and the new boardwalk

It was rather cool today and lots of people were buying white jackets with Progreso on the sleeve!! (like I did the last cold day) So when I got to Barloventos it looked like these jackets were part of some sort of uniform. I was quite comfortable without a jacket! But I did have a nice cappuccino. I only met up with one person I knew; Ian and he joined me for a drink and a chat. When I returned home I felt a bit disappointed I didn't have anyone to share the chiili I had made and so put it in the fridge for another day when I just might find some people to join me. For my dinner I just ate left over snack in the fridge and watched old TV episodes on Netflicks. I did try to do FaceTime with the family at home as they celebrated Dara's birthday;but they didn't answer me! I felt very alone and left out!!


Last night I was again awakened by rain. This is highly unusual for this time of the year. When it rains the roof collects the rain and then sends it down the drain that is just outside my bedroom window creating a very loud waterfall sound. It was nice for a little bit but after two hours it started to drive me nuts and so I closed the window hoping to drown out the noise. Since the windows are jalousies, they don't quite manage to do that! The forecast was for the Norte to have ended by the morning but that isn't the case and the temp is hovering around 18 which is cold compared to what we had been having. I guess this turns out to be a great day to spend in Merida where it is usually too hot to bear!

It turns out the rain I thought I heard was no rain but a broken pipe leading to the water tank!! Carlos had to fix it at the wee hours of the morning. So what I heard on the roof really was someone and not just the wind!! I didn't want to think there was anyone on the roof and scare myself.

Sunday in Merida was as always wonderful. The concert today was one of the best I had heard. We had seats on the second row just in front of the piano. ( it would have been better one or two seats further over to actually see her fingers and not just her hand playing) When they played Mozart's Concert for piano No. 21 with Edith Peña on the piano; I quickly recognized it. I have it on my iPod and listen to it when I want to go to sleep!! Well I guess my brain remember this and starts putting me to sleep. I had to fight to stay awake! She was so good that she even gave us an encore! After the intermission they played Wagner Prelude and death of Tristan and Isolda and I didn't enjoy this as much but when the last piece was played I was transformed to a different place. Ravel's Suite No.2 of Daphnis and Chloe. I had never heard this piece before and felt taken to another world. It was as if there suddenly were birds flying around and chirping. I imagined a ballet being performed once I closed my eyes! Having now looked it up Wikipedia had informed me that it is one of Ravel's best ballet! I have to agree with what was said " The music, some of the composer's most passionate, is widely regarded as some of Ravel's best, with extraordinarily lush harmonies typical of the impressionist movement in music. Even during the composer's lifetime, contemporary commentators described this ballet as his masterpiece for orchestra" I must find this piece and listen to it again when I get home.

The audience at Teatro de Peon Contreras


I had told Brin all about the Cafe Club and wanted to go there again for lunch but they were closed. Well not to be disappointed we went to where Brin was suggesting we go. Bierhaus on 60 just around the corner. It has the largest selection of beers. It reminded me of Pub Italia but with the German flare instead of Italian. We shared a plate of mixed German sausages and had a beer each! I have to say it was very delightful. The most interesting was the curry sausage! As the Germans are not known for their spicyness it was quite unique and very good. The bratwurst was also quite flavourful. We wondered where they get them from as these are not food we find readily here in Mexico!!

A must on a Sunday is a quick run around the Main Plaza to see the vendors especially since I had asked Lillian to get her sister to agree to make my top bigger for me. I first found Sheila shopping away and Brin was looking at items but quickly lost interest and decided to return home. With Sheila we met up with Lillian's sister Ana who told me my top was waiting for me!! i thanked her and moved along the plaza. I thought I should get some earings to go with the coconut necklace I bought, so when Eduardo saw me coming to his stall he asked me if I wanted more buttons!! I said I thought two dozen was enough for this year and maybe next I will get more! He laughed and I selected some leaf shaped earrings for 20pesos. ($1.60) I was now spending the rest of the time looking for the lady I bought my mothers top from last week. Chatting with someone while looking for something isn't the easiest thing to do. So once Sheila left to meet up with Ian I did find strangely enough. It was two stalls away but it took me having to go completely around the square again before I found it.

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