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To end my winter trip I stopped off in New York City, to visit with my brother, parents and meet Robin! Greg's delightful girlfriend Robin's business, has a corporate apartment for us to stay in right across the street from Carnagie hall and the Russian Tea room. We couldn't ask fo a nicer location. Only one block from Central Park. What a fantastic time was had with almost the complete family; missing was David! It is a rarity for us to be two siblings with both parents at the same time. My father has come to life in NY and has really enjoyed seeing all that Greg and Robin have on offer. Two Broadway shows; a hockey game where the Sens won against the New York Rangers and numerous famous restaurants! I wasn't there for that but have partaken in on of the two shows: Book of Mormon! hilarious show. I was surprised at how many shows I have seen when I started crossing them off in the Playbill! I am so happy to have spent this time together!

Before leaving the big apple I managed to share a lovely tea with my Mom at the Russian Tea Room; it was across the street from our apt. I was going from NY to Toronto with my mom to visit my cousin Lillian who is dying from melanoma and liver cancer! As per her request I picked up some pastrami (close second to Montreal smoked meat) at the famous Carnegie Deli around the corner from our apt.........! Everything is close to this lovely place.

I will return soon with Dara to NY so we can partake in so much more that NYC has to offer.

Here are some photos that would be familiar to so many people


Going to see the 911 memory's al museum was quite something's note! Not for the faint at heart!`


From there we had a lovely Jewish meal at the famous Sammy's steak house


A walk on my own through Central Park was a delight


Then some more views as I walked the street of Manhattan!


And last but not least afternoon tea at the Russian Tea Room


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5 days of week 15

Mexico City

sunny 28 °C

After a 7 hr bus ride from Oaxaca We were met at the bus station by Jorge senior and his daughter Martha, and off we went to their home in Tecamachalco just outside the Districto Federal of Mexico. Once we settled our thing in our massive bedroom we went off to a place for dinner of tacos nearby.; and they were delicious. I can never eat too many tacos; I had the filet of beef and an order of fried cheese was shared by most! It was a pleasant surprise as I had not eaten any in such a long time. Poor Martita is following a liquid diet and could only watch us eat!

I Decided to just post a bunch of photos of Mexico City taken over the few days, and you can see for yourself what an incredible city this is. I really enjoyed taking the Touribus for two days seeing Mexico City almost like it was the first time with Alexis along for the ride! I would like to return and spend more time exploring certain areas such as Coyoacan and Condesa/Roma neighbourhoods. Why not rent a place for two weeks at Easter next year! Let's see what Dara thinks!



Stay tuned for the next place San Miguel De Allende to follow in 5 days.

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sunny 28 °C

Our bus took off right on time at 9pm. It was not quite as long only 1130 hrs
This will do just fine for five days. After a well needed shower we were off to explore.

This town is full of artesian markets and churches on every corner


We were getting a bit tired and cranky so we found a place to have a beer and take a load off. We came upon this gentleman from Wisconsin who was not your typical american. He was wearing a Zapatista shirt and had a bag with the ELVN movement. He is so very anti government but in a nice enough way that we struck up a nice chat.

By this time we were rested and so headed back to eat dinner on the square of quesadillas with flor de calabash; it was delicious. We wandered a bit more and stumbled upon this great market set up just for the Semana Santa. Each vendor has its region on the top of their stall. Some very interesting artisans.



Our outing days started off by taking a colectivo taxi to the Tule tree but didn't go inside to see it as up close isn't where you can take photos


Once we had our fill of the 2000 year old tree we headed to Mitla. What a huge disappointment that was. I wish I had a better memory so I could have remembered it was a waste.


To my delight my favorite tree is in bloom all over Mexico; the jacaranda

Off we went in a taxi to where I did know I liked Teotitlan del Valle. We had our taxi drop us off at the 'seda' workshop where we met up with the owners that we met at the special exhibition the night before. How impressive was this place!

They showed us various natural dying plants the only one we knew was the cocinilla which we purchased some from them


We came across this beautiful blouse his mother in law had one first prize for her work and I wanted to be sure to show it here


Once we had taken up enough of their time we started walking back to town whereby we stumbled upon a little creperie called Drupa's Cafe . What a delight it was we shared a ham and cheese and then a banana chocolate one. Can't find my photo!

We continued on our journey into town and wished we could have used the burros to carry us along




We kept checking out e few places here and there but after the market we came upon one shop that had drawn us in.


They had a few carpets we liked but then they had the son and his wife come and show us some of their works of art. I had not seen too many all done in natural dyes but they were out of our price range and so they took us up the road to their home where we were shown all kinds of pieces and I felt compelled to buy them. We also bought a skein of yarn that was dyed almost black from believe it or not the pomegranate skins. Who would have thought you would get such an intense dark colour from something so red.

We headed home as it had been 5 hrs since we got there and took a bus back for only 10 pesos. After it had cost us 85 to get there! Lesson learned and to spread Mitla is not worth the drive and cost to get there.

The next day was another adventure to Monte Alban. We called the tour company and said we wanted the 9:30 trip and were arriving soon. We paid our money 60 pesos each and waited to be told to go. There had been a miscommunication and the bus had left without us. We were not happy as it was a hot day and leaving an hour later would mean more time in the heat of the day. They graciously returned our money even though it said non refundable but before we walked off they offered us a free ride int the next one so we decided not to pass up on this deal and off we went. Well it is hard to believe that I can't remember such a spectacular place. It compares to Uxmal or Ek-balaam. After three hours we headed back to where you catch the bus. This was not quite as well organized as it could have been but we managed to get back.


A day exploring Oaxaca city again checking out areas we had not been to before. I posted photos on FB of that.

For lunch we tried this Oaxaca pizza called tlayudas. in the market


After a bit of a rest we wandered back to our usual area we like and came upon the processions of good Friday. Being in a very catholic country it is interesting to see these and what struck me were the klu klux klan


Processions in Spanish speaking countries is quite something. Some of the people participating in procession wear the nazareno or the penitential robe. It has several parts – a tunic, „capriote“ (a conical shaped hood) used to hide the face of person wearing the nazareno. Sometimes person also wears a cloak too. The nazareno robe is of medieval origin.

We headed off before the end to eat our dinner at Los Pacos to try the mole they serve a sample dish of six different kinds. We share the plate and it was plenty for our tiny appetites


Another day of wandering the streets of Oaxaca making sure we had done all we wanted and picked up a few things to bring to our hosts in Mexico City. Went back to the Equinque for the special ribs only to find that there were none because the butcher was closed for holiday. We chose to have what we had seen previously to be very good, a hamburger. They were probably up there with the best ones I have ever eaten.

Sunday we headed out to the bus to Mexico City. This was not the Platino bit there was no need for one as this was only to be 6:30 hrs but since we chose to travel on Easter Sunday it was surely going to take much longer with the traffic returning to the big city. The bus driver took a different route to try and help and we only took an extra

We were picked up by Jorge senior and his daughter Martha. And off we went to their home in Tecamachalco just outside the Districto Federal of Mexico. Once we settled our thing in our massive bedroom we went off to a place for dinner of tacos nearby.

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semi-overcast 17 °C

Chiapas week 13

We left Merida a bit earlier than we thought we were but luckily I noticed in time to not miss it. We arrived at the restaurant Ricosoldo early but we're let in just before opening time. Olga didn't show up in time to eat with us but she did take us to the bus station. The front seats turned out not to be a good choice but since the bus was not full we were able to move.


There were blankets and pillows provided along with personal screens to watch a movie. I started but ended up reading instead and sleeping early. We arrived in Villahermosa around 4:00 am and thought we didn't have to far to go. It turned out not to be 12 hrs but more like 14. We got in at 9:30am and went straight to negotiate a taxi to the town called where we catch a boat ride to the canyon called. It was a two hr ride but the falls were all dried up. We did see some crocodiles and some heron. It was a hot day but with wind on a boat it didn't seem too bad


Upon returning to the town we were offered a ride to San Cristobal de las casas for only 70 pesos (6$). So we took them up on it. It tuned out to be a small tour bus that had a few left over seats. After a lovely mango palleta we were on our way.

The hostel was ready to receive us and the room was huge


We walked around the town as we were close to where it is all happening. We ate a delicious meal at this funky restaurant called Cocoliche : delicious chicken coconut soup; and we were glad of something warm as the weather was cooling down. Something we weren't quite used to after the heat of the Yucatan.


The next day we had our adventure to San Juan de Chamula. The colectivo combie at 15 pesos was a bagain since the trip took 45 min. What a spectacular place the street entering the town was lined with vendors the length of th sidewalks and all around the square. We were told do not photograph people but there were some ignoring this. They believe that part of their spirit is taken away by the camera. If you are seen taking any photos int he church they will take your camera or phone and destroy it. Every Friday during lent there is this ceremony outside the church. It was something out of some novel we were experiencing. As you entered the church you were struck by its uniqueness. The mix of Christianity and native beliefs is outstanding. The pews are all gone from the inside that is lined with boxed in statues brought here by the spaniards. The floors are covered in pine needles and lit candles. It was so unbeleivable . While we were inside the procession of the people we had seen outside entered with their lovely incense and statue We came out of this incredible place in awe of what we had experienced.


Another wonderful day exploring San Cristobal. We wandered the street s and came upon a cafe called Frontera where we had a coffee. Only to later discover it is the number one restaurant on Trip Advisor. When we came out we went to see where this piano playing was coming from. There was another empty cafe with a gentleman playing. A woman stopped to ask him to play certain pieces. We continued walking towards churches as there are so many very different ones all over town.


With a bit more research on the Internet we suddenly discovered that Saturday nights, the locals sell tamales from their homes ; you find where they are by a red lanterns outside their door. We thought best to check this out and with the recommendations of the Hostel manager we went to one not too far. Ahead of us was a local Mexican lady buying bolas that are made with corn husks but we are partial to the ones in banana leaves. We requested one with saffron but she brought us one with mole; but I quite liked it even though I was not a mole fan in the past. Upon the suggestion of this local lady we ate ours in the home of the cook; this was so we could order more as she knew we would like them. Ceci opened her door to let us into her home where we sat at her table while chatted. I shared with them a maple candy. What a wonderful discovery just in time and the cost was only $2.10 Canadian. (Yes that was the price for both of us ) For three tamales and atole made from fermented black corn boiled with milk an the put through a strainer then she adds sugar and red food coloring.


Another incredible day. We headed off to find a 'collectivo' to Zanacantan and since we heard that the market ended at noon we thought it best to scurry off to the collectivos which ended up being a taxi. Upon arriving in the village after a winding 40 min drive. , wr came upon nothing like it. What struck me here over the other towns we had seen is how much the men were also dressed up. The market was a bit small with tarps and a few tables set up beside the church. Then suddenly I look up and notice this sea of purple and red entering the church all with palm leaves being held high. So we hurried over to see the procession of people entering the church.


Once they had all entered the church we returned to the market and came upon two lovely ladies that we started up a conversation with, about back strap weaving tools and if they had any for sale. They invited us to their home in a village away from there to show us how to do it. We looked at each other and said why not. What do we have to lose. We love these adventures to the unknown! They arranged for a taxi to take us and off we went. We had no idea where we were going except that there is a lake in this town. It turned out to be Navenchauc. Watching them set this up was really something. I wish I was better at expressing myself. We entered this tiny house where the two sisters lived with two other sisters and their three kids; two girls belonging to one and a son belonging to the other. They pulled out this piece of wood and sone cotton yarn and started making the warp then took it off the wood and set it up with other pieces of wood. I was taking lots of video but did I take some when Alexis was working away. No!! I can't believe I missed this. What was I thinking? Will Alexis ever forgive me?



Once we spent two hrs with them a few of them had to run off to mass while we packed things up and Alexis bought the whole thing from her and we walked off to town. She told us if we had anyone else that would like to learn to please let them know as we now have her home phone and cell. If anyone would like to learn how to use a back strap loom and are planning a trip to Chiapas I have their contact information. We walked off in awe with one of their looms all wrapped with the work started in a bag for just 500pesos. (That is less than 50$). It is hard to explain what we had just experienced. It had been such an honor to be in their home and having them show us how to do it. I felt very emotional as I left the town; as I was going up the winding roads back to San Cristobal. I reflected on these lovely people and how they live with their traditions intact despite the rest of the world and its changes. I equate it to the Massai in East Africa. They embrace certain things that are convenient such as a cell phone but continue to dress as they always have. Allowing us to spend this time in their home was really incredible to say the least. This is something I will never forget!

Back in town we stopped off to change our ticket to Oaxaca for tomorrow. We made a mistake and forgot that we were overnighting to Oaxaca. All is good we got a days worth back from the hostel and will keep the plans in Oaxaca.

On our last day in San Cristobal we wandered around looking for things we had not done but there really was only on thing and that was to visit a woman's cooperative where we met some lovely shy ladies who are weavers and it turned out the scarves we chose were the ones their village does. We didn't want to put them on the spot and see if the ones we chose were their work! We took this trolley around the town to see if there was anything we missed but it turned out we had covered it all. With the traffic being so bad we were able to sneek some photos of the people on the street

There should be many more photos here but after an hour of trying to get them loaded I am giving up! Maybe I will get them in later.

Here are the photos I wanted to add.


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sunny 32 °C

Hard to believe it is now 3 months since we came down to sunny warm Yucatan. I have been taking it easy this week with very little activity so as to be relaxed when I head into the interior.

The highlight of this week has to be the BBQ party I had here to celebrate Len's birthday. He was delighted with the tres leche cake provided by his lovely wife Bonnie! (they are visiting the Hums from Ottawa)


We were 12 people this time and we fit nicely around my big dining table.

I prepared the lovely ginger marinade for the pork tenderloin I had along with another package from the Wheelers we both got at Costco; it was delicious as always. My new fav tenderloin recipe that I found on the internet when visiting my parents in Cabo last November! The Wenzl's provided us with delicious apps and the Murray's brought lovely spanish rice! What a lovely way to use up all our excess food! I did put chicken on the BBQ and kept a close eye on it this time. Rocky from next door must be the culprit as he was over like a shot when he smelt the meat cooking. I wondered who stole it last time and now I know!


I have really enjoyed this week with packing and knitting by the pool along with floating in the ocean with Louisette speaking French. I think I have spoken more French down here than I ever do at home. With my friends here for two weeks and my immediate neighbours from Quebec City!! It has been a delight showing her how to use her iPad; every couple of days she comes over with a list of questions ahead of time. Louisette goes away all happy and confident with her new device!

I sit here watching the calm ocean and suddenly appears a man on his horse slowly walking along! This seems to be a daily occurrence these days! I watch a piece of aluminum foil dancing around in the light breeze with no control over where it will go next. I think of myself as that piece of foil at times with my life! I wonder if this is good or if I should be concerned! I decide to get dressed and go for a walk on this beach! What am I doing sitting here!


Merida has a small market on Sundays along the sidewalks of Paseo Montejo called: It was a delight to stroll along the Paseo Montejo with the market on one side and the cyclists on the road for the "BiciBike" This certainly is where you see the most interesting bikes.

Check out this great use of old tires and computer monitors!

A stop at the new Costco was requested by my friend Linda but we quickly realized that it was a crazy idea but a stop to see the new Cenote they discovered during the building of this place!


Trying to eat up all the food in the house so the best way to do that is to invite friends to share it. I love making my salad with papaya; avocado and grapefruit on top of a bed of lettuce topped with bbq chicken. Yummy! This is one of my go to favourites and I had all the ingredients last night! Catherine, Rainer and Linda joined me for the afternoon of swimming and dinner. It has been a lovely time getting to know Rainer better and renewing my old friendship with Catherine. We met when I was only 8 years old on our street on Green Island! They presented me with a lovely water colour painting that Rainer had done down here! I want to take it home but afraid of it getting damaged! I managed to get it into my bag and keep my fingers crossed it does ok! It is so nice to hear how much the Wenzl's have enjoyed their winter here. This place really grows on you!


One last visit to Merida was in order and I can't stop myself from taking photos of doors and windows as I walk around the city!


All packed and ready to start our road trip by bus to the interior. One more sleep on the beach! Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.

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